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Welcome to the Social Strategy Wiki.

We know social media has powerful potential to make organisations more efficient, participative, collaborative and accountable. It has a key role to play in meeting many of the big challenges our communities face. Yet right now, most of our public and voluntary sector organisations are help back in their use of social media because of: fear; knowledge gaps; skills gaps; lack of understand; out-of-date technology; inappropriate filters; and policy that lags behind practice.

Building on the practical problems identified in this blog post, the Social Strategy wiki is a space for identifying drivers for change, and overcoming the barriers to social media adoption.

Get Involved

Read and edit

In the Drivers and Barriers sections you will find details of a wide range of drivers or hurdles to change. Check out the shared wisdom on how to harness the drivers, and overcome the hurdles. And edit the wiki pages to add your own insights, ideas and links.

A charter for change

Social Strategy is also a key part of the Interactive Charter. Check out the Interactive Charter site for details of how to get involved in shaping a charter for social media adoption (coming soon).

Tag It

Tag useful resources with 'socialstrategy:barriers' on (How To Guide). Or use the ID number of a particular barrier, e.g. socialstrategy:27.

Recent Updates

* Catherine Howe has blogged a number of reflections on the organisational dimension of barriers to interactive working in local authorities and public bodies.

  • This wiki has been dormant for a while whilst I've been focussing on other projects, but there are plans to develop more on the basis of the 50 Barriers in Autumn 2010. Do get in touch if you'd like to know more.
  • I've restructured the Wiki. Old links should all be redirecting here. Some of the page histories may have been temporarily lost - but I'll aim to bring these over soon.

  • Social Strategy is giving rise to an Interactive Charter - to be explored in a session at the Reboot Britain on the 6th July.
  • I've started to explore finding a structure for the different barriers and drivers identified by Social Strategy.
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