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You are here: Home > News > Latest news > News archive > 2007 > December > Twenty seven new trains for London Midland

Twenty seven new trains for London Midland

Date: 13 Dec 2007

London Midland strikes deal for new generation trains

A brand new fleet of trains for a brand new train company has come a step closer,  with London Midland signing a deal with Bombardier and train leasing company Porterbrook for twelve 2-car trains and fifteen 3-car Turbostar trains.

The new trains, known as Class 172, are part of the multi million pound investment London Midland is making in new trains in the first years of its new franchise which started on 11th November.

These new trains will be the second new fleet the company will introduce and will replace some of the oldest trains in the current fleet, the Class 150s which operate on the London Midland City routes in the West Midlands.  Manufacturers Bombardier will produce the light, modern diesel trains in Derby.  The new fleet will boast state of the art technology as well as environmental advances. 

London Midland Managing Director Steve Banaghan says the deal will bring a whole new quality of service for passengers in the West Midlands:

"We are very pleased to be able to confirm the order for new trains for London Midland today. This is part of the £243 million we are spending in order to bring our passengers a more reliable, more comfortable and more modern rail service.  When we launched the franchise three weeks ago, we promised to take our passengers somewhere new - and that means a new generation of trains.

"The new Turbostars are efficient, reliable, comfortable and set new standards for environmental performance, both in their manufacture and in their operations."

The new Turbostar trains are due to come into service in two years' time.  From the end of next year, London Midland will be introducing its first new fleet, the Class 350 "Desiro" trains, which will operate on the longer distance London Midland Express routes to London, Birmingham and Liverpool.