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Cave is possibly the last great shootermaker, but for my money their last truly great game was 1998's Dangun Feveron. It's very interesting to hear Yukihiro Masaki, Cave's mobile head man echo similar sentiments over on GameSetWatch while leading the production of modern games even he's not especially fond of.

OK, so Namco/Bandai (or is it Namco Generations now?) released PacMan Championship Edition DX yesterday, and I - because utterly adored the first one - I bought it immediately.

You've probably seen it before, but wow, this looks great. A must-buy for me:

So now that Krome Studios has closed Microsoft has, for the first time (AFAIK) not released any new games for their GameRoom retro-gaming download service. They normally update weekly. Krome was the driving force behind it, but it's hugely surprising to see that - given the rather simple-seeming nature of the endeavour - there is no massive stockpile of ready-to-go releases. I mean, we've been emulating retroge for a long time, right? How hard can it be to port code to the Xbox and release them regularly?

When we were running the game store in Canada we were fond of unusual things. Our store had consoles and games and silly things that no mainstream shop would touch. We sold Cherry Coke that we had to drive into the States to buy (couldn't get it in Canada). We sold imported games, we had retro arcade machines, and we were big into the Neo Geo Pocket.

Last night I had a couple of girls over. They were born in 1992 and I introduced 'em to some game systems that were nearly as old or older than they were. Specifically, a GameBoy Pocket, and a TurboGrafx Express.

[quote=GamaSutra">Kinect spokesman Kudo Tsunoda tells Gamasutra that the device is on track to sell millions this holiday [..."> "this is going to be stuff that'll blow away any of the sales you've seen with iPad,"

Along time ago some guy in Japan was selling brand new Demon Front arcade PCBs, and I bought one for cheap. Since this great system had interchangable carts, I bought another cart: Dodonpachi 2.

I was lucky enough to be given the Astroboy review assignment when I was working for Official Nintendo Magazine (UK). Lucky 'cause it wasn't a half bad game, and it was made by Treasure, who typically make very interesting stuff.

A few years back I was writing for Official Nintendo Magazine (UK), and my task was to write whatever they told me to. This meant I wrote some long and short reviews for games that were usually quite awful. The following five reviews were one-column quickies for the back of the magazine. All five are for the GBA, and all five pretty much suck ass.

I like Penny Arcade. I've been reading them since about strip #20, and while I don't always agree with what they say, I like the way they say it.

Every time someone releases a new hardware platform there's an interview with one of the lucky developers who was chosen to help out with the launch lineup. This interview reveals very little, and always covers the same points. Here's a checklist for you to use next time you're reading an interview like this:

Over on insert credit I was talking about E3 and I wasn't very impressed. Microsoft and Sony tried to copy Nintendo without really succeeding: Sony's Move is a Wiimote clone in everything but colour, and Microsoft's Kinect system is an overpriced EyeToy. I also decided Nintendo's 3DS was bound to be a purchase I'd have to make, but that it'd end up in the same place as my regular DS: In a box, unwanted and forgotten. But in 3D.

Marble Madness is a lot of fun with two players and large trackballs, but when emulated it's a very poor experience. The shallow quarter-eating arcade-style gameplay, very typical of Atari at the time, is all too clear when you're playing it by yourself with a digital pad or (gasp!) keyboard.

I'd always meant to type up the fantastic pinball techniques Kaze printed in their guidebook for Last Gladiators and Necronomicon pinball. I never got around to it, but now Bexide/Kaze's got them on their site. These techniques are pretty basic, and I'm sure anyone who's played a pinball game has figured them out already, but whatever - here they are. =D

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