John Benjamin calls another demonic press conference to steal President Koroma’s credit for checking corruption in Sierra Leone

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Oh, this demon of  over-ambition in Sierra Leone ; this  depraved anarchist and pseudo-politician, called John Benjamin ! ! !  He never ceases to make a mockery of himself to the international community and to Sierra Leoneans at large. This demented demon  knows when good news about the President Ernest Koroma Government is on the way and like a crazed and restless devil that never wants to see anything good mentioned about President Koroma  or the country , he times his so-called press conferences to always coincide with wonderful news of the President’s achievements. He has done it again. Just as supporters of President Koroma and appreciative Sierra Leoneans are popping champagne bottles in celebration of the Transparency International Report that Sierra Leone performed marvellously in the fight against corruption during the reign of President Ernest Bai Koroma, here is this destructive and unpatriotic Benjamin summoning an emergency press conference to again repeat his psychotic allegations that this government is the most corrupt.

The time has come for every Sierra Leonean  to question  John Benjamin’s true motives in Sierra Leone . This is no longer an APC Vs. SLPP issue. When Benjamin shed human blood in the 1990s to destablize the country, it was not an APC -SLPP issue. If he succeeds in his diabolical scheme once again, it will not be an SLPP-APC thing. It is the poor, innocent people of Sierra Leone who will suffer again. John Benjamin’s extreme recklessness with the truth  has prompted the following questions : Is he there to see this country progress and enjoy the fruits of her valiant achievements ? Or is he an Agent of Destruction, Destabilization, wicked lies , concoctions and fake concerns, all designed to bring Sierra Leone back to war ?

It would appear like John Benjamin has secret and devillish and nebulous motives, to wit , to confuse the minds of the Sierra Leonean people, incite them and stir the country back to chaos. John Benjamin is surreptiously seeking the downfall of President Koroma and the modus operandi he has chosen to accomplish this is to create unnecessary disaffection against the President and government, which could have a destabilizing effect on the fragile nation. John Benjamin is knowingly and purposely stirring up turmoil in Sierra Leone. We hope that when war comes back, he becomes the only one that is consumed by it and that innocent people do not suffer.

John Benjamin is shocking in his stupidity. How dare he use rumours and the words of a misguided journalist to try to levy such serious allegations against the President Koroma government ? I have never seen it before for a political leader to be so desperate for power  and in his desperation uses even the unresearched and unproved allegations of an insignificant journalist to raise alarm in the country ?  Where is the concrete evidence to prove this rubbish  allegation : 

“To be distributed at this Press Conference are copies of four documents. One of them is an article by a Sierra Leonean journalist named Abdul Karim Fonti Kabia entitled “DID AFSATU KABBA DECEIVE HERSELF? -PART 2”. In this article are very serious allegations that the President of the Republic and Fountain of Honour, during the corruption trial of the former Fisheries Minister Haja Afsatu Kabba, had held a secret meeting with the Accused and two of her lawyers at his residence late in the night during which an agreement might have been reached for justice to be perverted via a decision not to put up any defence against the serious allegations that 300 million leones was corruptly withdrawn from the Fisheries Ministry in October 2009 to host the ruling APC Party Convention.”

Is John Benjamin serious ? Is he a politician who wants to be taken seriously in Sierra Leone ? If so, does he aim to achieve this through stupidity , by taking the words of an errant journalist to discredit the President ? Where did this Fonti fellow get the information that President Koroma held such a secret meeting ? Was he at the meeting ? Was he privy to everything discussed in the meeting ? How credible is this Fonti ? Did John Benjamin ask himself these wise questions before rushing to call a press conference just on the words of this journalist, who may be distorting events , like many journalists in Sierra Leone ? Politics has become cheap in Sierra Leone.

John Benjamin, by summoning an emergency press conference,  all because of unproven alegations by a journalis,t has not only shown that he is desperatly stupid , simple-minded, naive and foolish; he has shown once again that he does not care about the safety and security of the Sierra Leonean people. If that is the way he operates, impetously and in a knee-jerk fashion, with a rush of blood to his head , rushing to call a press conference to lie just to change the truth, then nothing will redeem him from the troublemaker and anarchist he is.

President Koroma will not call or attend such a foolish meeting . The President is too good to act like that. President Koroma is so serious about ending corruption in Sierra Leone that this country for once is now being taken serious internationally that she wants to end corruption , as indicated by the country’s dramatic climb up the ladder of the Transparency International Corruption index . John Benjamin knew that President Koroma had scored another huge achievements and because he is so envious and jealous of the President’s achievements he quickly summoned this rubbish press conference to try to steal the President’s thunder .What a shameful and disgraceful way to expatiate envy and jealousy  ! ! ! ! Does John Bemjamin think that the Sierra Leonean people are so gullible that they will not read between the lines that he is just jealous and was hastily and desperately trying to neutralize the President’s achievement ?

For all intents and purposes, everybody knows that it is  news report like this one below that are getting John Benjamin insanely envious of President Koroma : 

“For this year’s Corruption Perception Index, Transparency International found Sierra Leone to have made a significant leap of about 14 places from 146th to 132nd place between 2009 and 2010-a position that the nation has never occupied since the inception of Transparency International.”

“A major reason attributed to the success of Sierra Leone is undoubtedly tied to the iron clad hands of Abdul Tejan-Cole backed by his fearless and uncompromising approach with which he ran the Anti-Corruption Commission. It may be recalled that under his reign, several Ministers and others within the corridors of power were indicted for corruption and ultimately convicted. The now disgraced Haja Afsatu Kabba is the most recent case in point.”

When you hear John Benjamin’s desperate explanation about the jubilation at Bumbuna , you can see that he is also envious of President Ernest Koroma for accomplishing what his rotten  and incompetent SLPP  failed to achieve –To complete the Bumbuna Electricity Project.  The tales of money swirling in the wind and being carried away in cartoons sound like a story being concocted and told by a spurned and frustrated woman whose former lover had ditched her and taken his more-preferred Princess Charming to the altar. Envy and Jealousy for President Koroma making our dear opposition leader to be naively talking like a jilted primary school belle. What a shame, Sierra Leone  ! ! !  Is that the kind of childish fact to be presented at a press conference   from a whole opposition leader ?

John Benjamin is a disgrace to the truth. How can he describe the government as the most corrupt we have ever had when the just released Transparency International Report shows that Sierra Leone has been doing remarkably well under President Koroma ?  See the table below and understand how Freedom of Speech is being abused in Sierra Leone by this incorrigible  troublemaker and killer , John Benjamin,  who does not  only send innocent people to the gallows but cares nothing  for the truth .

Transparency Index…show Ernest Koroma making progress in fight against corruption

Year position score
2010 134 2.4
2009 146 2.2
2008 158 1.9





But again, it is the government ‘s magnanimity that should be discussed here . When they had the opportunity  to disgrace John Benjamin and drag him before the Anti-Corruption Commission for embezzling the country’s money while he served as Finance Minister , as indicated by the Transitional  Committee report , they let him off the hook because they wanted a smooth transfer of power dictated by the spirit of national reconciliation. This should never have been done . Benjamin should have been taken to the ACC to pay the price for his thieving . If he had been in jail today for his crimes , he would not have had the time to be concocting stories against the President each time an international report is released to prove the marvellous performance of  President Koroma .

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  1. John says:

    John Benjamin hates truth and envy people who succeed. This demon should be stopped!!

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