SLPP Kailahun District Chairman and strongman Tom Nyuma acknowledges that President Koroma is doing a wondeful job in Sierra Leone

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What supporters of the Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) hate to hear–That President Ernest Bai Koroma is doing a wonderful and marvellous job in Sierra Leone–is now being acknowlegded by top members of the party. The latest SLPP man to spare no bones to acknowledge that President Koroma is working tirelessly to bring socio-economic and political developments to Sierra Leone is the party’s Chairman of the Kailahun District Council and strongman, Retired Colonel Tom Nyuma. The Nyuma acknowledgement is a huge victory for President Koroma because Nyuma hails  from  and is representing a district that harbours the arch-critics of the  All People’s Congress ( APC ) Government comprising of stubborn-headed dissidents like John Benjamin, Patrich Foyah, John Karimu and ofcourse the Father-of–all  APC  critics, Sama Banya. That their own strongman is now acknowledging that President Koroma is doing a great job is also a vindication for some of us helping to promote a good government in Sierra Leone. People who want to be fair and honest can now see that we have been right all along and that what we have been saying is the truth, nothing but the truth and the unadulterated truth. READ THE REPORT CULLED FROM THE EXCLUSIVE NEWSPAPER OF FREETOWN :

In Kailahun… Tom Nyuma Hails Koroma       

Written by The Exclusive News Paper  

The Chairman of the Kailahun District Council Retired Colonel Tom Nyuma has lavished praises on His Excellency the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for his government’s relentless efforts in trying to develop the underdeveloped Eastern District of Kailahun.  
Chairman Nyuma made this commendation during the recent visit of the President in that part of the country which he (Nyuma) described as impressive and one with very interesting message for the people of Kailahun.

  According to Chairman Nyuma, one key benefit of the President’s visit to Kailahun was the reintroduction of Kailahun District as a strategic market player in the sub-region. This achievement was confirmed when President Koroma formally commissioned the newly built Kailahun agricultural market and a community bank in Pendembu.

 It could be recalled that before the war, Kailahun was a business centre for the Mano River Countries ( Sierra Leone , Guinea and Liberia ). Most recently, according to Chairman Nyuma, there has been a cordial relationship between Mano River traders as goods from the two neighbouring countries are being sold in Kailahun on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of every week.

The Kailahun District Chairman also expressed appreciation over what he described as the “satisfactory mood” of the President when he saw, firsthand that most of the projects implemented by the Kailahun District Council were on track or progressing. Among the projects, he said the President was impressed with were the rehabilitation of social structures such as schools, hospital, toilets and also the road linking Kenema and Koindu, among others.

 According to Chairman Nyuma, one of the many things that impressed him about the President’s visit was when he saw the President confidently discussing with opposition stakeholders about initiatives that would develop Kailahun District.

 The Chairman assured the President that his Council will keep a watch on these projects to their logical conclusion while pledging the support of the people of Kailahun to ensure that Kailahun District is developed.

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