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  • 30th Annual Tejano Music Awards Winners

    Male Vocalist of the Year

    Jay Perez

    Female Vocalist of the Year

    Elida Reyna

    Best New Male Artist

    A.J. Castillo

    Best New Female Artist

    Veronica Sustaita, Veronica Sustaita y Avance

    Best New Group

    Veronica Sustaita y Avance

    Album of the Year – Conjunto

    “Cargando la Bandera” – Hometown Boys

    Album of the Year – Tejano

    “Aqui Estare” – David Lee Garza y Los Musicales

    Entertainer of the Year

    Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz

    Song of the Year

    “Bajo De Tu Sombra” – Raulito Navaira

    Academy Award Best Musicians 2010

    Conjunto: Los Desperadoz

    Gospel: Rudy Guerra

    Grupo: Joe Posada y El Quinto Sol

    Orchestra: Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution

    Best Overall Project: Eclipse Total by David Marez

    Best Song: “Aqui Estare” by David Lee Garza y Los Musicales

    Best Emerging Artist/Band: A.J. Castillo

    Male Vocalist: Jay Perez

    Female Vocalist: Elida Reyna

    Vocalist Group: Los Desperadoz

    Accordion: A.J. Castillo

    Bajo Sexto: Billy O’Rourke/Max Baca

    Bass: Pete Garza

    Drums: Richard Soliz

    Guitar: Gilbert Velasquez

    Keys: Anthony Hernandez

    Horn Brass: Al Gomez

    Horn Woodwind: Joe Posada

    Percussion: A.J. Flores

    Best Songwriter: Art Guillermo

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    1. Quepasa Says:

      quepasa995: 30th Annual Tejano Music Awards Winners

    2. Jose Luis Morin Says:

      RT @quepasa995: 30th Annual Tejano Music Awards Winners // Tejano still alive and still givin awards

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