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Natural Resource Riau Mainland Province
Peta Provinsi Kepulauan RiauRiau Mainland has many natural resources such as: agriculture, fishery, plantation, forestry, mining, etc. Riau Mainland Government still organizes and exploits natural resources there for society prosperous. Agriculture sector role is contribution sector 5.32% to PDRB 2005. That sector is not developed maximally because area’s width is smaller than waters’ width. Besides that, even red land in this mainland just can be planted by certain plants that need research and special developing to increase its production.

Rice field area’s width in this province in 2005 reach 1,792 ha whereas non rice field area consist of dry soil and other soil reach 684,924 ha, and 74,607 ha. Horticulture area’s width reaches 42,728 ha. Technical irrigation rice field area reach 130 ha, simple irrigation rice field area reach 104 ha, while rice field area with village irrigation reach 309 ha and wet rice field area 1,249 ha. Harvest area’s width of all regencies in Riau Mainland reach 94 ha and can produce paddy 245 tons with production average 5.20 tons/ ha.

Palawija crop is corn with harvest area’s width 585 ha and production 1,267 tons, cassava with harvest area’s width 708 ha and production 4,927 tons, sweet potato 1,159 tons, and peanut with 124 ha and production 179 tons.

Vegetables production 723 tons, string bean with production crop 1,295 tons, spinach with production crop 26,715 tons and kangkung with production crop 842 tons.

From plantation sector, commodity that has potential in Riau Mainland Province is clove with area’s width 14,716 ha, coconut plantation 39,491 ha, rubber plantation 34,891 ha, pepper plantation 499 ha, sago palm 3,949 ha, and gambier plantation 996 ha.

Poultry husbandry sector is divided into 3 group types, each is freshwater catfish and poultry livestock. In poultry group, goat is livestock with the most population until 18,166 tails, followed 9,976 cows, and 422,655 pigs. Poultry population consists of 585,226 domestic poultries, 347,800 laying pullets, 452,510 broilers, 21,634 ducks, and 26,270 quails.

Besides catching fishery, the developing of fishery cultivation that consists of germination work until the exploitation of cultivation technology are very suitable in this province. In Bintan, Karimun, and Natuna Regency there are fish cultivation which is economical like the grouper fish, napoleon, and kakap. Bream cultivation potential can be developed in Bintan Regency, Karimun Regency, Lingga Regency, and Natuna Regency. In 2006, the total of catching fishery production reaches 217,094.91 tons and cultivation fish production 3,475.70 tons.

Riau Mainland Region has high economical potential because most regencies has mine crop potential like bauxite and tin, while under sea there is oil and gas. Petroleum reserve reach 298.81 million meter barrel oil, while 55.3 trillion square cubic feet (TSCF) natural gas reserve is in Natuna Regency. Tin with the reserve amount reach 11,360,500 m³ is in Karimun Island. Bauxite with reserve total 15,880,000 tons is in Bintan Island and Tanjong Pinang Island. Granite with reserve total 858,384,000 m³ is in Karimun Island and Bintan Island. While land sand with reserve total 39,826,400 tons is in karimun Island and Bintan Island.

Source: Indonesia Tanah Airku (2007).

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