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Free IP Tracker
Free Hit Counter and invisible JavaScript hit tracker service for your site. Looking for the best in online visitor counter?
Simply cut n' paste a few lines of HTML code! View User Guide.
No scripts or software to install!
RiteCounter stays invisible to your users!
Why is RiteCounter free?
No hidden fees, no hidden charges!
No page restrictions, larger log sizes!
Open your account in     minutes!
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Looking for the Best Free JavaScript Web Counter out there?

Looking for the best visitor IP tracker, JavaScript web counter and invisible web tracker out there?

RiteCounter: A free, invisible web tracker, loaded with valuable tools and features!

    There are many hit counter services out there that promise you the world - for a fee. At RiteCounter, we decided it was time someone took all the best features from the existing hit counters out there, added a few more on top, and offered the entire package to people as a free service.

That's right, RiteCounter is now, as it always has been, absolutely, 100%, totally, undeniably, positively free.

    Simply sign up for our free web counter services and within minutes you'll have a feature-rich invisible stat tracker on your website, telling you how many people are hitting your site, where they're from, when your site is most popular, and a whole lot more besides.

    RiteCounter is a free, 100% reliable web tracker that works hard for you, day and night, without revealing itself to your users. It's a highly configurable, absolutely secure traffic analysis service, and offers detailed, real-time site stats.

    What's more - you don't need to be a web guru to use RiteCounter. In fact, we've made it so easy to install and use our hit tracker & IP tracker service that just about anyone can use it. In fact, we're so confident that we have the most flexible system around, that we make this promise to you: If you can do basic HTML, you can set up RiteCounter in mere minutes. And if you can't handle HTML, well don't let that hold you back - we still make it easy for you!

    In this modern day era of constantly changing technology, marketing strategies, consumer demographics and industry trends, it pays more than ever to know not only who is coming to your website, but where they're looking, how long they're staying, where they came from, and whether they're buying what you have to sell. Despite this, an incredibly large number of website owners are leaving everything to guesswork, never knowing what parts of their website work well with their target audience, and which don't.

    Do you know how many visitors your website had today? Do you know where they're coming from, or what they're looking for? Do you know what part of your marketing is proving the most effective, giving you the best value for money? If the answer is no, then you have no time to waste - don't mess around with simple hit counters that tell you how popular' you are - install RiteCounter on your website today and get access to real time visitors statistics and visitor tracker, and detailed demographic information, the likes of which you've never seen before!

    Free web counter that can turn your website into a clinical, well-oiled, traffic-drawing machine - and it's 100% free! What could be better than that?

    Take a look at how RiteCounter can help you, and sign up for your free RiteCounter account.

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The RiteCounter free invisible hit counter code is extremely simple to add to your existing web page. Simply cut and paste a piece of HTML code (which we provide to you), into your existing web page.

Fine-tune your marketing campaigns with this wonderful web stats tool, hone your sales messages, target your desired demographic, and track leads better than you ever have before.

RiteCounter is the best invisible web tracker and it is safe, secure, and best of all, it's totally free of charge! Join today!

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