Genny is thrilled to be back

November 26th, 2010
Genny is thrilled to be back

Bright, electric and the most happening Tollywood actress is coming back home. Genelia D’Souza won a Special Jury Nandi Award for her last Telugu film, Katha. Now she’s waiting to see how her huge fan community reacts to Orange, her latest film with Ram Charan Tej, directed by Bhaskar. But didn’t she once say she has had enough of T’wood and that her real destination is Bollywood? “I was never out of Tollywood,” she retorts. “I was always in touch with everyone here. I love shooting Telugu movies. Everything started here and I still feel this is my home. I love Hyderabad. The people here make me feel warm.” The actress who is famous for being the new “bubbly” girl of Bollywood, will be seen in a similar avatar in Orange too. Doesn’t all that grinning and beaming get tiring?

“Well, it’s a young movie, so my role as always has great energy and is extremely nice. this movie is for everyone from 12-70 years and talks about today’s trends, how youngsters feel.”

Talk about Ram Charan Tej and Genesia can’t stop gushing. “It was fantastic! I had a great time shooting. It was fun, I must say.”

She’s got a line-up of films scheduled. “It’s My Life and Hook Ya Crook are Hindi films. There’s Urumi, a Malayalam movie and Velayudham, a Tamil movie as well,” she rattles off.


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