My TextMate Snippets & Triggers

A while ago I put up a collection of some of my handcrafted TextMate snippets. mostly focused on front-end stuff: HTML shortcuts, CSS gradients, jQuery plugin bases, commenting helpers, etc.

The Geek Talk Interview

A quick interview I did over at The Geek Talk. Mostly covering my daily routine and whatnot.

RSS Feeds for Warpspire

I was going to try and fix some bugs in GitHub Pages (that’s how this site is hosted) — but I think I’m going to give up that fight. If you’d like to subscribe to Warpspire, you can find the feeds at

August 1, 2010

Rethinking Warpspire

I think it's always a good idea to take a step back and ask yourself why you're doing something. So right now I'm taking a step back to rethink Warpspire. Continue Reading

March 29, 2010

What's your focus?

Every great website has a focus. If you can’t summarize the purpose of your website into one sentence, ten words or less — your idea will almost certainly fail. Talking to founders, I’d say this idea is pretty well established. Now let me reveal a secret that is not so well establishedyour website’s design should follow this same focus. Continue Reading

Optimizing asset bundling and serving with Rails

I wrote up a pretty lengthy post over at the GitHub blog explaining how we do asset bundling and serving. Well worth the read for anyone who’s interested in front end performance and works on ruby apps.

October 11, 2009

It's not about how many hours you work

My favorite discussion amongst web professionals is when people start talking about work/life balance and how many hours they're working. There's been no end of interesting ideas to pop out from this -- everything from 4 hour work weeks to 100 hour work weeks. And everyone thinks that they've got the answer. But I think everyone's just arguing about an irrelevant metricthe hour. Continue Reading

October 1, 2009

Joining GitHub

I still feel like it was last week I decided to give up my "safe" job at Web Associates Level Studios to play around with the ENTP crew. Well, it's time for another move. Last week I was given an offer I just couldn't refuse—to join the amazing GitHub team. Continue Reading

May 3, 2009

Installable apps

I'm getting kind of tired of all these *web* developers complaining about the time it takes to get updates to their apps up on the iTunes App Store. The truth is this complaining has some merit. But you have to realize that these people are not making *web* applications, they're making *installable* applications. The problem is not Apple. The problem is lack of QA testing. Continue Reading

February 23, 2009

Xcode window management sucks

I posted some thoughts to twitter last night about how much the Xcode window management drives me insane. What I got back was a huge reaction of "it's perfect" and "this is how OSX works" Suddenly I was wondering, am I just insane for thinking the window management is absolutely horrible? Continue Reading

May 12, 2008

Top reasons your CSS columns are messed up

I believe the recent surge in popularity of CSS frameworks comes from a lack of basic understanding of the CSS box model and how it's implemented across browsers. I wanted to share with you some quick tips on how to avoid easy pitfalls so you can create your own CSS framework in no time flat, without all the cruft of having ten thousand column combinations available. Keeping these quick tips in mind at all times will allow you to do something I like to call defensive coding – and really that's all CSS frameworks aredefensively coded snippets of CSS. Continue Reading

August 17, 2007

Why I don't use CSS Frameworks

CSS Frameworks seem like an awesome advancement at first glancespeed up your development, normalize your code base, and eliminate those nasty browser bugs! Hot damn, where do I sign up? Unfortunately there's some pretty strong caveats that go with those statements. Here I outline the reasons that I don't use them -- and why you should think about the same. Continue Reading

July 16, 2007

MooTools Javascript Classes

One of Javascript's major blunders when it comes to Object-Oriented design is the lack of true classes. Lucky for us, we've had every library author out there have their whack at creating a class structure. Continue Reading

June 25, 2007

Using TextMate's TODO bundle

If you use TextMate, you should really think about using the TODO bundle more often. It's a simple, low-maintenance bundle that adds tremendous value to your code. Continue Reading