Dec 13, 2009

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We Are Defiance (Brian Calzini)

I’d like to take this time to introduce Brian Calzini of We Are Defiance, conducting this interview is me, Antonio Vazquez of so…

THEiNTERLUDE: Let’s get this started with a good one. Brian, who started Paddock Park?


Well “Paddock Park” has a very strange and funny way of forming and starting up. When I was about 17 years old I use to go down to Tampa Fl, to hang out with my good friend Tom (Guitarist of “A Day To Remember”) at his apartment. Tom was just starting out recordings bands and working on music besides ADTR. He wrote and recorded this really heavy mosh song I liked and asked him if I could try screaming on it for fun. At the time I’ve never scream or recorded anything. So we stayed up all night fucking around on this song and I just randomly made up lyrics to it as I went. The song had a very nu-metal singing part so Tom sang on it to be funny. The song was a complete joke just for fun. I took the track home with me and named it “Ill Swing My Fist” and put it up on my myspace to see what my friends thought of it. After a few weeks a lot of kids liked it and started coming to my page to listen to it. I changed the myspace to “Boston B” and later on did a hip hop track with Tom and promoted it as a sole side project of mine. The two songs created a bit of buzz on so me and Tom had some other tracks laying around I took control of and wrote lyrics and vocal melodies for. There was a band in Ocala that wasn’t really doing much and I showed them the tracks and what I had written and asked if they wanted to take pictures with me to make “Boston B” look like a “real” band. We took pictures, went into the studio with the music Tom wrote and recorded my vocals which turned into “With False Hope EP”. I Hated the name “Boston B” so I changed the band name to “Paddock Park” because I lived in a apartment complex in Ocala called Paddock Park Apartments and released the EP on myspace. After a month or so the band I borrowed for pictures didn’t wanna be “in the band” anymore since they didn’t write the music and felt weird. So there I was by myself with this music online so I promoted the band online as a “real” project when all along it was just a joke that started by me in Tom’s apartment. After a few years went by building up hype I started getting Tour offers and label offers so I rushed around to find kids that could play the music that was already written and recorded live. I found everyone I needed to fill the line up and “maybe picked the wrong kids” so we started practicing and playing shows around central and south Florida. In August of 08 I signed with Eulogy records to re-record the music from the EP and add a few extra songs to make it a full length.

THEiNTERLUDE: Did everyone participate in writing the lyrics?


I wrote 90% of the lyrics and melodies for Paddock Park. Some of it was written by me and my singer when we would hang at his apartment and brainstorm for the newer songs that wasn’t on the EP.

THEiNTERLUDE: This sounds like a repeat question, but did everyone write the music together?


When it came to the newer songs “Forgetting Allimae, I Only Regret The Summer, Im a man of my word and You Can Lift Your Dress” me and the guitar player would shoot out ideas together when it came to those newer songs.

THEiNTERLUDE: Getting signed to Eulogy Recordings, How? when you guys played so little shows?


Well I sat behind my laptop and sidekick and talked to every single one of my fans for years constantly promoting and ignoring two differnt girlfriends I had. I spent all day everyday trying to make something out of the music I made. Eulogy caught wind of the hype and wanted to do a release for the project thinking it was a full serious band. So after so long of promoting and building hype on my own when I found members to play the music live the band starting playing shows a lot of kids waited so long to see some of the songs live a lot of kids showed up at out shows. It was nuts for awhile.

THEiNTERLUDE: What are some of the bands that influenced you the most? Music wise?


Well honestly I grew up listening to a lot of hip hop and nu-metal music. But when I starting taking music seriously of course “A Day To Remember” influenced me the most because I lived with Jeremy their singer when I started Paddock Park. Right now im just into catchy music no mater what style. If it sticks in my head I love it. And of course heavy music that make you wanna puke when you hear it!

THEiNTERLUDE: Are the rumors true? Did you get kicked out or did you leave? We all want to know.


We’ll the story of me leaving the band is this, the members I found to learn my music and to play them live I thought became good friends on mine since I handed them the world with this band. Took them for random Ocala kids playing in shitty bands if any to being in a serious singed band. The members had no clue about anything with the music industry and relied on me to get us on tours and to get anything and everything done. So they told me to book us with four months of solid non stop touring. After two months and heading out to cali on out way back in Texas they convinced me to give them the email and password to the myspace telling me I should trust them. Two days later I woke up in Texas after playing the Monster Mosh fest on halloween in Plano Texas to the password being changed on me. They all denied changing it for a few hours till the guitarist stepped up and said they want me out and wanted to find a new vocalist and take control of my music and band. I sat out the show that night and watched them play to see how the band would do without me. I was honestly very disappointed by how they played and realized I wanted to start something new fresh and real. The other vocalist of the band had been getting sick of touring and wanted to start a family so me and him flew home that night leaving the band stranded in Texas with no vocalist to finish the tour. All in all I guess picking the album title to be A Hiding Place For Fake Friends really fit those guys.  Shorly after that they made they’re way home and found a new vocalist to fill the spot and finished the two tours I set up. That just recently ended and the band is now home and broken up. I guess that shows how hard and how much I pushed the band forward.

THEiNTERLUDE: I know this might be going a little off topic but for some reason people want to know was there always a problem between you and the band or was this just something that happened out of no where?


It really took me by surprise when everything went down it all happend so quick too. I got along with them members really well at home and on tour. I honestly think the success of the band happend so quick for them their heads got real big and felt like they wanted to do it without me showing me they wenrt just random kids and they could handle the band better than me. In time it was proved to be wrong.

THEiNTERLUDE: Now that we got that cleared up, Brian why did you drop your label as well as dropping Paddock Park together after recording such a solid debut?


As of right now I am still contracted with Eulogy Records but im looking to shop WAD to other labels im interested with. I talked with the owner of Eulogy and he is wiling to let me off the contract with the label.

THEiNTERLUDE: Getting on the topic of the band you have created, how did you come up with the name We Are Defiance?


That’s a funny story I was walking into a movie theater and saw a poster for a new movie coming out and saw it was for “Defiance” and I thought the posted looked like the movie “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. So I figured “I Am Defiance” hahha and this is a real project with every member putting into the band not just me so I settled with “We Are Defiance”

THEiNTERLUDE: Do you think We Are Defiance will get signed soon, if yeah, what label are you shooting for?


There’s a lot going on with us that I really can’t say yet because nothing is set in stone but I can say there’s some big news coming soon and people won’t be let down.

THEiNTERLUDE: With that said, Do you plan on touring?


Yeah we plan of hitting a lot of the same spots I hit with paddock park so I can see some great fans and old friends. We will be touring non stop all over the US.

THEiNTERLUDE: Are We Are Defiance in the studio recording an EP, if so when can we expect it to drop?


We are in the studio right now recording with again with Tom Denney of “A Day To Remember” at his studio Titan studio which I also manage for.
We will have new music up soon and a release date for the EP.

THEiNTERLUDE: If there was anything you could change about what happened with Paddock Park, what would it be and why?


I would change who I picked to be in the band. I loved the music and poured my heart and soul into the music and lyrics for the band. Every song means something to me and is about my life somehow. Maybe things would have been differnt if I had differnt members.

THEiNTERLUDE: I would like to thank Brian for working with me.  Would you like to say anything else before we finish Brian?


I love all the friends and fans I’ve made through Paddock Park and I hope everyone sticks around for “We Are Defiance!” and don’t be shy I talk to everyone!

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