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  Titanic Teacher's Guide  
Dear Educators:
The tragic story of Titanic has been with us for more than 98 years. It is more than just the account of perhaps the most memorable maritime catastrophe of the 20th century.
Titanic is a lasting symbol of the great age of immigration that brought the hopes and dreams of many people to our shores.
The Titanic Museum Attraction wants to promote the awareness and knowledge of the world's diverse cultures by recreating actual rooms of the Titanic and by displaying actual objects that bring to life individuals and events that have had a significant impact on human history. It is our desire to present the Titanic story in a historically accurate and reverent manner and to inspire further study and research into this event.
Teaching and learning opportunities abound as you and your students explore the World's Largest Titanic Museum Attraction. Throughout the school year, link the Titanic experience to your curriculum and reinforce your students' skills and help them develop proficiencies in areas beyond history.
This Titanic website offers various teaching ideas for your students' study opportunities:

For additional information on the Titanic, please visit: www.TitanicHistoricalSociety.com 
Titanic Resource Books to read:

Titanic - Illustrated History
by Don Lynch and Ken Marschall

Titanic - Fortune and Fate 
by Beverly McMillian and Stan Lehrer

A Giant Cutaway Book, Inside the Titanic
by Ken Marschall

Ken Marschall's Art of Titanic
by Ken Marschall

 Anatomy of the Titanic
by Tom McCluskie

1912 Facts about Titanic
by Lee W. Merideth

The Sinking of the Titanic edited
by Bruce M. Caplan

Women and Children First
by Judith B. Geller

Titanic Disaster
by Dave Bryceson

Titanic Triumph and Tragedy
by John Eaton and Charles Haas

RMS Titanic, A Modelmaker's Manual
by Peter Davies-Garner

Exploring the Titanic
by Robert D. Ballard

Rent the Titanic
Now you can be married on Titanic’s Grand Staircase or make a lasting impression on friends, family and business associates. Titanic has hosted many corporate events from 100 to 300 people with formal sit down dinners or progress style dinners.
Tour the Titanic
Experience the tragic and heroic story of Titanic with our online Flash and Audio tours, featuring stories told by actual Titanic survivors.
Titanic Merchandise
Keep the memory of your Titanic visit alive or make a lasting impression on someone you love with a treasured keepsake from the Titanic Museum Attraction’s Gift Shop.
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