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Quinn contains some experimental features and additional settings which cannot be accessed through the user interface.  These preferences are “unofficial,” which means they may change or be removed in future versions; thay may also find their way into the UI at some later date.  But since they are useful in certain cases, some of them are documented on this page.

To change a preference, you must quit Quinn first.  Then go to the Terminal, enter the command, and launch Quinn again.

Obsolete settings

Turning off the animation of the LCD-style displays

Quinn 3.2 introduced a short animation whenever the LCD-style displays for score and lines change.  Starting with version 3.5, this animation is also used for remote players in network games.  The animation can be turned off, which may increase performance during network games with a high number of players.

In Quinn 3.2 through 3.4, use the following command:

defaults write Quinn QuinnMainDisplayAnimationStyle 0

In version 3.5, the syntax has changed to:

defaults write Quinn QuinnLCDDisplayAnimationStyle 0

The animations can be turned on again by changing the 0 to a 1 in either command.

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Changing the board background

Starting with version 3.5, Quinn supports background images with transparency. The following setting draws a white background behind the image (as in earlier versions):

defaults write Quinn QuinnBoardHasWhiteBackground YES
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Getting statistics about the occurrence of the individual pieces

In the Terminal, type

defaults write Quinn QuinnStatisticsFlag YES

After each game, Quinn will print a message to the Console showing the number of occurrences of each of the seven piece types in the game.

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Turning live rotation on

There is an experimental feature which displays an animation when a piece is rotated.  I have never turned it on in the release version because it doesn’t look good with some custom piece images, and can be annoying in faster levels.  To enable it, use

defaults write Quinn QuinnLiveRotationFlag YES
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Changing the minimum score required to record a highscore

Starting with version 1.3, Quinn only records a highscore (and asks for the player’s name) if a minimum number of points has been reached.  To change this threshold, use the command

defaults write Quinn QuinnHighscoreThreshold threshold

where threshold is an integer.  The defaults is 1000.

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Changing the look of shadow pieces

To have Quinn draw a transparent version of the current piece as the shadow piece, type this command in the Terminal:

defaults write Quinn QuinnShadowPieceStyle 2

To get back the original gray shadow, type

defaults write Quinn QuinnShadowPieceStyle 1
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Changing the animations when rows are erased

In version 3.1, the animations for erasing rows slightly changed.  If you like the old animations better, type the following two commands:

defaults write Quinn QuinnEraseRowsAnimationStyle 1
defaults write Quinn QuinnDropRowsAnimationStyle 1

To get back the v3.1 animation styles, use the same two commands with the parameter 2 instead of 1.

There is a slightly different animation style in Quinn 3.1 and later.  To turn it on, enter the first of the two commands above with the parameter 3 (instead of 1).

Starting with version 3.2, an experimental new style exists, which might, with some modifications, become the default in the next version.  To try it out, use:

defaults write Quinn QuinnEraseRowsAnimationStyle 2
defaults write Quinn QuinnDropRowsAnimationStyle 3
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Changing the preview animation

With Quinn’s new look in version 3.0, a “morphing” effect was introduced for changing the piece preview.  In version 3.1, the animation slightly changed again to a “zoom” effect.

Starting with version 3.2, you can get back the original “fade-over” effect (from versions prior to 3.0) by using the command:

defaults write Quinn QuinnPreviewAnimationStyle 1

To get back the zoom effect, use:

defaults write Quinn QuinnPreviewAnimationStyle 3

If you want no transition effect at all, use:

defaults write Quinn QuinnPreviewAnimationStyle 0

There’s currently no way to get the morphing effect.

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Turning off sound when inactive

The following command suppresses any sounds when Quinn is in the backgrounds:

defaults write Quinn QuinnMuteWhenInactiveFlag YES

(Quinn may play sounds during network games while in the background.)

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Changing the speed of some animations

Quinn 2.1 changed the speed of some animations so that they become faster with every level.  If for some reason you want the original behavior back, use this command:

defaults write Quinn QuinnFasterAnimationsFlag NO
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Changing the behavior which moves the piece to the board’s left or right edge

Quinn 2.1 introduced a new feature to quickly move the current piece to the board’s left or right edge by holding down the move/left right key for a certain delay.  To change this delay, use the command

defaults write Quinn QuinnQuickMoveDelay delay

where delay is a number which determines how long the key has to be held down until the piece moves to the edge (in seconds).  Reasonable values are between 0.1 and 0.4; the default is 0.2.  To completely turn the behavior off, set the delay to zero.  (Starting with version 3.1, you can also change the delay in the preferences window.)

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Changing how pieces disappear

In versions 3.2 through 3.3.5, the current piece disappears with a “poof” when rows are moved in from the bottom or the board is shaken up during network games or tournaments.  There’s an alternate effect, which can be turned on with the command

defaults write Quinn QuinnKillPieceAnimationStyle 1

To get back the poof, replace the 1 with 2.

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Turning off the sheet to select a player for the highscore list after each game

In versions prior to 3.4, you can suppress the sheet where you are asked to select a player name for the local highscore database.  There must be exactly one player in the highscore database for this to work, otherwise the sheet will still pop up.  In the terminal, type

defaults write Quinn QuinnDontAskForHighscorePlayerName YES

Quinn will add all results to the one player in the highscore database, provided the score is above the required threshold for the score and is among the player’s best ten results.

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Changing the multiplayer rules

To get back the old multiplayer rules from version 2.0, use this command on the computer running the Quinn server:

defaults write Quinn QuinnNetworkInsertRandomLines NO

This no longer works in Quinn 3.2 and later.

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Setting back the timing while playing

In version 3.0, the timing for some actions (dropping pieces, erasing rows, quickly moving the piece to the board’s edges) slightly changed. In version 3.1, there was another change, which shortened the delay after dropping the piece and erasing rows. To get back the behavior from versions before 3.0, use this command:

defaults write Quinn QuinnBlockDuringAnimationsFlag YES

This only works in versions 3.1 through 3.4.5, and applies to single-player or network games (not two-player games).

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