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360 Heroes – Honorable Mentions

Jonathan Gordon

Garrett – Thief: Deadly Shadows

Garrett – Thief: Deadly Shadows


Garrett was highly unfortunate not to make the final 50 in our Heroes poll, but alas he simply didn’t get enough votes. What makes him a stand out character though is his contribution to stealth gameplay. This is perhaps both a blessing and a curse. While the gripping set pieces are terrifying to play in Thief’s first-person view, it has contributed to a number of stealth sections in contemporary FPS titles.

We don’t hold it against him though as much like in the game he never asked for trouble, it just came looking. There’s something infinitely appealing about characters such as Garrett who don’t want to get involved, but get dragged into the storm anyway. While clearly cold and ruthless he avoids killing as best he can and takes great pride in his work. That’s something that anyone can respect, regardless of how bloodthirsty you usually are in such games.

While Deadly Shadows seemed to close off the series rather nicely there has been talk that Garrett or perhaps just the Thief series with a new protagonist will return. We would certainly welcome him back with open arms (and one eye on his hands – sneaky pick-pocket).

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    • Steve said:

      Excuse me whilst I get a little excited about the mere mention of a Thief franchise on the 360. I played on the pc and the xbox. Pure stealth with some wicked thievery thrown in, instead of bang bang you’re dead. Bring it on give us Garrett back and long dark nights of holding our breath just to see if we can pickpocket the guard instead of banging him round the ear’ole to get a lil bit of shiny!

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