"I am a peppery potentate, who's little inclined his claim to bate" --Gilbert and Sullivan, Princess Ida
Pasha Ali's Fortified Palace
Pasha Ali's fortified palace
was built by David from 3/16" foamcore board with balsa roofs and various beads and jewelry findings for detailing.

The wings and additions are built as separate pieces and can be rearranged into a number of configurations. The courtyard contains a reflecting pool and gallery, and one roof features a canvas canopy.

The dome is made from a plastic two-part easter egg.

The entire building is approximately 8" by 9.5" in this configuration.

Photos by Alan Welch.






Close-up views showing Pasha Ali (reclining, with hookah) and his retinue, welcoming the British Ambassador.

Teardrop beads form the column footings for the upper gallery and hourglass beads for the lower. Part of the canopy (balsa wood and facial tissue stiffened with dilute white glue) is visible at the upper right.

MORE views of the Palace in different configurations.

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