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Driving Under
the Influence Charges

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Utah DUI Charges

This database is made up of records drawn from the computer systems of over 30 Justice Court's throughout the state and includes misdemeanor driving-under-the-influence (DUI) convictions (including driving-while-impaired, alcohol/drug related reckless driving and impaired driving convictions) for approximately the last three years. (Many courts have provided DUI information outside of this three year timeframe. Scroll down to see specific start dates for each Justice Court)

The records include nearly all adjudicated charges, but those with dismissed and plea in abeyance dispositions ARE NOT listed in the database. Transferred cases are usually sent to District Court, and ARE NOT listed here.

The data is updated quarterly as supplied by the Utah court system, based on our public-records requests. As such, the database is provided "as is" and makes no representation, either expressed or implied, that all information is accurate.

Each Justice Court listed in this database has provided DUI records with unique starting dates, as follows:

  • Salt Lake County: January 2002 (Some records from 1999-2001 also included)

  • Salt Lake City: July 2002

  • Summit County: January 2003

  • South Jordan: April 2000 (Some records from 1997-1999 also included)

  • West Valley: June 2001 (Some records from 2000 also included)

  • West Jordan: January 2000 (Some records starting in 1989 to 1999 also included)

  • Davis County: June 2002 (Some records starting from 1991 to 2002 also included)

  • South Salt Lake: January 1996 (Some records from 1994-1995 also included)

  • Taylorsville: July 1999

  • Weber County: November 1997 (Records from Roy will not be included in this data until September 2010)

  • Provo: July 2007

  • Logan: January 2000 (Some records from mid-1999 also included)

  • Sandy: March 1998

  • Ogden: July 2006

  • Midvale: January 2001 (Some records from 1996-2000 also included)

  • Riverton: January 2000

  • Holladay: July 2001

  • Murray: January 1999

  • Draper: June 2004

  • Utah County: January 1999 (Some records from 1995-1998 also included)

  • Wasatch County: January 1999

  • Bluffdale: January 2000 (Some records from 1999 also included)

  • Carbon County: January 1999 (Some records from 1997-1998 also included)

  • Herriman: July 2006

  • Clearfield: November 1999

  • Washington County: January 2000 (Some records from 1996-1999 also included

  • North Ogden: December 1999

  • South Ogden: November 1999

  • Iron County: January 2000

  • South Weber: December 1999

  • North Salt Lake: January 2000 (Some records from Dec. 1999 included

  • Tooele County: January 1997

  • Centerville: January 1997

In some cases, DUI Charges filed prior to these start dates will also be included in the database.

NOTE: Finding a name match in this database DOES NOT constitute positive identification. Users are urged to find independent confirmation of any findings drawn from these records.

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