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Superior Multi-Purpose Therma-FloatSuit For General Marine Use – Fishing, Coast-Guard, Supply Ships, Customs Standby Ships, Merchant Fleet and General Offshore Work wear for Oil & Gas Industries and Exploration.

All SEAWEAR survival suits are manufactured to meet the highest standards and is subjected to rigid quality control.

Buoyancy in excess of 80 Newton.

CE Approved Buoyancy Aid EN393:1993/A1:1998 The SEAWEAR Therma-Float Work Suits are manufactured using the very latest innovative closed-cell buoyancy material that provides exceptional buoyancy and thermal insulation for enhanced comfort, mobility and protection.

Whistle attached to line secured in the breast pocket.

Fully Waterproof Teflon™ Coated Outer

Superior Floatation 100% Closed Cell Foam

Provides Thermal Protection From Cold-Water Shock – Delays Hypothermia on Immersion.

Designed and Produced to CE Conformity and EC Directive EN393.

Performance Donning, worn over clothes or just underclothes, less shoes, the suits can be donned without assistance in less than 60 seconds.

Freedom of Movement – The suits are available in sizes to provide a close but comfortable fit. They are designed to allow full freedom of movement under all conditions.

Comfort The fabrics used in these suits have been specially selected to provide optimum comfort and protection for use in extreme conditions.

Durability - All components have been extensively tested to meet CE Approval.

Flotation Sufficient Buoyancy is provided by the suit to meet CE Approval for use as a 50 Newton Buoyancy Aid. This unique flotation properties are provided by the Therma-Float™ ultra-thin, soft and flexible closed-cell foam to giving enhanced comfort, protection.

Visibility The outer material is coloured International Flame Red and Reflective Strips ensure good reflection from sun or search lights.

Thermal Protection Therma-Float’s™ unique thermal properties provide excellent thermal protection to help maintain body core temperature in extreme conditions.

Size Chest Size Inches Chest Size Cm Waist Inches Waist  Cm   User   weight
S   36"- 38"   69-79 27"- 31"  91-97 50-70 Kg
M 40"- 42" 102-107 31"- 35"  79-89 60-80 Kg
L  44"- 46"  112-117  35"- 39"  89-99  70-90 Kg
XL  48"- 50" 1 122-127  39"- 43" 99-109   80-100 Kg
XXL 50" - 52" 127-132 43" -45" 109-114 90-110Kg


  1. 1.When donning the suit make sure you do up all the zips.
  2. 2.Tighten the belt.
  3. 3.Upon falling into the water WAIT for about one minute to allow your breathing calm.
  4. 4.Tighten the suits flaps to stop flushing.
  5. 5.Put up your hood.
  6. 6.Turn your back to the waves.
  7. 7.Stay as still as possible.


1. Buoyancy in excess of 50 Newton's – CE Approved

2. Heavy Duty Water-Proof Nylon Fabric, Teflon Finished , all Seams Taped to be Fully Water-Proof.

3. Marine Grade Retro-Reflective Tape on Hood, Shoulders & Front Placket.

4. Anti-Flushing Securement at each leg and cuffs plus inset neoprene storm cuffs.

5. Drain Facilities At Wrists, Ankles & Pocket.

6. Front Chest Pockets with CE Approved Marine Whistle and Side Pockets. Inside Pocket for Mobile Phone/Radio.

7. High Visibility Fold Away Hood with Polar Fleece Storm Collar.

8. Waist Belt with Quick-Release Buckle.




  • Perfect for snowmobile users
  • Offers the user superior hypothermia protection and flotation characteristics.
  • Provides greater range of motion with total comfort.
  • High Performance Teflon Coated Nylon™ outer shell.
  • Reflective tape enhances visibility.
  • Insulated Polar Fleece-lined high visibility hood keeps head warm.
  • Ankle & Leg Securements minimises flushing of cold water into the suit while iiiiiimmersed.
  • Colors: Flame Red
  • Sizes: S - XXL

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