You Can Help

Violence against women is perhaps the most pervasive human rights violation — affecting no fewer than one in three women. But it remains largely invisible. Fear and shame prevent many women from speaking out. But you can help them to be heard and to be seen through your actions, advocacy and support.

Get Involved

Volunteer with organizations working to change attitudes and policies in your community. Some organizations provide services to families experiencing violence; others run hotlines or shelters that provide a safe haven for women and their children; and still others work with local and national governments to strengthen law enforcement responses and justice systems to respond to women experiencing abuse.

These organizations need your help and support

Take Action

Wherever you are, work with others in your school, community centre or religious group to register your support of programmes, events, and government policies that help communities combat violence against women and support services that help reduce violence. Write letters to the editor and to appropriate representatives to let your voice be heard.

Stay Informed

United Nations agencies like UNIFEM, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, and the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) provide information, statistics, news briefs, and updates on the situation globally. Human rights groups, women's organizations, health care providers, and government ministries can all be sources of valuable information.

UNIFEM's electronic newsletter Currents every month publishes stories from around the world on how women and men are working to advance gender equality, and keeps readers up to date about UNIFEM's work around the world.

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Make a Donation

Join forces with the United Nations Trust Fund to Eliminate Violence Against Women (TFEVAW), managed by UNIFEM. Each year, this unique fund supports community initiatives from around the world aimed at ending gender-based violence. Grantees from every corner of the world strive to improve services to victims, change practices and traditions, and raise awareness on ways to stop the violence.

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