Thermal Pools

Reykjavik’s thermal pools are open from early morning until late in the evening; swimming costumes and towels are available for a small fee. A ten-visit season ticket is valid for all the city pools. There is simply no cheaper or healthier way to experience Reykjavik and to get to know the locals!

Important Note on Hygiene and Etiquette

Please note that a high standard of hygiene is required. Pools are less heavily chlorinated than in many other countries (that is among other things possible because most of them are outdoors), and bathers are required to wash thoroughly without a bathing suit before entering the pool. Showering naked with strangers may be a little off-putting for some visitors, but Icelanders take it for granted – and rest assured, nobody is looking - and some pools provide guests with shower curtains.

The thermal pool routine is as follows:
1. Pay for your entrance to the pools and receive a locker token.
2. Undress at your locker and take your towel and swimsuit to the showers. Soap is provided, but you may want to bring your own soap and shampoo. If so, take it to the showers too. Stash your towel etc. in the rack provided.
3. Shower (without a swimsuit), put on your suit, and head for the pool.
4. Soak and relax in the abundant hot water provided to us by volcanic activity.
4. When you return, shower again, and dry off before you go back to your locker: wetting the floor in the locker room is frowned upon.

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Álftaneslaug 0 stars

225 Alftanes


Árbæjarlaug 0 stars

101 Reykjavik

Árbæjarlaug is a large, modern pool with excellent facilities for children. It is comprised of an outdoor pool, indoor children’s pool, outdoor paddling pool, water slide and fountains for children, three “hot pots“, steam bath and sauna. More

Ásvallalaug 0 stars

221 Hafnarfjörður

Ásvallalaug is a new and impressive indoor pool complex. The complex has a special children’s pool with waterslide and toys, six “hot pots”, a gym and a café.More

Breiðholtslaug 0 stars

111 Reykjavik

This is a pool complex in the Reykjavík suburb of Breiðholt. It features an outdoor pool, outdoor and indoor children’s pools, outdoor paddling pool, two water slides, three “hot pots”, sauna and steam bath. More

Grafarvogslaug 0 stars

112 Reykjavik

Grafarvogslaug is a pool complex in the Reykjavík suburb of Grafarvogur. It features both outdoor and indoor pools, outdoor children’s pool and paddling pool, two water slides, three “hot pots” and a steam bath. More

Kjalarneslaug 0 stars

270 Kjalarnes

This is a small and intimate outdoor pool in a quiet rural area near Mount Esja. It has an outdoor pool and children’s pool, water slide, “hot pot”, steam bath and gym. More

Kópavogslaug 0 stars

200 Kopavogur

Kópavogur thermal pool is one of the largest aquatic centres in Iceland. It has a 50m outdoor pool, two indoor pools, seven “hot pots”, a steam bath and three water slides. More

Lágafellslaug 0 stars

270 Mosfellsbær

Lágafellslaug is a thermal pool complex with outdoor and indoor pools, steam room and play area for children with slides of various sizes and shapes. More

Laugardalslaug 0 stars

105 Reykjavik

Laugardalslaug is the city’s largest pool with extensive facilities, located in Laugardalur Valley. Its facilities include a 50m outdoor pool, outdoor children’s pool and paddling pool, two waterslides, numerous “hot pots“, steam bath, gym and mini golf course. More

Loftleiðalaug 0 stars

101 Reykjavik

A small inside pool at the hotel.More

Salalaug in Kopavogur

Salalaug 0 stars

200 Kópavogur

Salalaug thermal pool has both outdoor and indoor pools, including a children´s pool, water slide, steam bath, and three “hot pots”, including one with hydromassage. More

Seltjarnarneslaug 0 stars

170 Seltjarnarnes

Seltjarnarnes thermal pool includes a 25m pool, four different “hot pots”, a toddler pool, slide and steam bath. Seltjarnarnes thermal pool is different from most other pools in the Reykjavík Capital Area as it includes geothermal seawater, rich in earth minerals. The pool has a high salt level, thus diminishing the need to use chlorine. More

Suðurbæjarlaug 0 stars

220 Hafnarfjordur

Suðurbæjarlaug thermal pool has both an outdoor pool and a specially designed indoor children’s pool. Suðurbæjarlaug also has “hot pots”, a sauna, a waterslide and fountain for the children and is attached to a gym. More

Sundhöll Hafnarfjarðar 0 stars

220 Hafnarfjordur

Sundhöllin thermal pool was the first thermal pool built in Hafnarfjörður, in 1937. This quaint indoor pool has excellent amenities such as “hot pots“ and a sauna. More

Sundhöll Reykjavikur 0 stars

101 Reykjavik

Sundhöllin is an indoor swimming pool (with outdoor hot pots), located in Reykjavík city centre and is the city’s oldest pool, designed by the renowned Icelandic architect Guðjón Samúelsson.More

Sundlaug Garðabæjar 0 stars

210 Gardabær

This is a friendly outdoor thermal pool with “hot pots“, a sauna and excellent facilities for children. More

Varmárlaug 0 stars

270 Mosfellsbær

Varmárlaug is an outdoor thermal pool, also with two “hot pots”, sauna, childrens’ pool and play area. More

Sundlaug Vesturbaejar

Vesturbæjarlaug 0 stars

107 Reykjavik

Vesturbæjarlaug is a small and friendly neighbourhood pool, located within walking distance of the city centre. It has an outdoor pool and children’s pool, waterslide, four “hot pots”, steam bath and sauna. More