Bay Line Railroad

The Bay Line Railroad (BAYL) is a 103-mile short line freight railroad that interchanges with CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern. Commodities transported include aggregates, brick and cement, chemicals, coal, food and feed products, forest products, metallic ores and minerals, and steel and scrap.
The BAYL was acquired by Genesee & Wyoming in 2005.

BAYL Tariff Documents

New 10-06-08 with GSWR

Customer Service
Phone: 800-757-7387
Fax: 866-214-2256

Genesee & Wyoming -
Southern Region
13901 Sutton Park Drive South
Suite 175
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Phone: 877-220-9535
Fax: 904-223-4676

Gerry Gates, President
Phone: 904-596-7783
Fax: 904-223-4676

Juan Carlos Covarrubias
Vice President, Engineering

Phone: 904-520-4138
Fax: 904-223-4676

Tony Long, Vice President, Car Management & Customer Service
Phone: 904-596-1098
Fax: 904-223-8789

Charles McBride
Vice President, Transportation

Phone: 601-513-9112
Fax: 904-223-4676

Tracy Stockdale
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Phone: 904-596-7788
Fax: 904-223-4676

Frank Upton
Chief Mechanical Officer

Phone: 904-596-7787
Fax: 904-223-8711

Hoffman Lijeron
Director of Finance

Phone: 904-596-1084
Fax: 904-223-4676

Teddy Maybrier
Director, Safety & Compliance
Phone: 904-223-1110
Fax: 904-223-6499

Cynthia Strawn
Director, Human Resources
Phone: 904-596-7789
Fax: 904-223-4676

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