Animal Jam

Customize your animal. Explore the exotic lands of Jamaa. Play minigames to earn gems. Use gems to buy accessories and all sorts of fun things. Learn about Interesting plants and animals. Meet new friends.
The number of things to do in Animal Jam is endless. What are you waiting for?

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Long ago, Jamaa was created and filled with every animal imaginable...

Now, hundreds of years later, many animals have been lost and lands have been forgotten. It is up to you to join the adventure and help save Jamaa. Do you have what it takes?


Even more adventure!

Unlock premium content and gain access to the entire world of Jamaa.


Can't get enough of Animal Jam? Download a piece of Jamaa to take home with you!

A place for Jammers of all shapes and sizes to meet together and share!

  • Find out what's going on in Jamaa!
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  • Learn secret tips and tricks!