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2% of 2% of All The World’s Stories

Behind the Uniforms

Burning The Past

Dead End Door Re:Vealed

Don’t Forget to Write

The Elotes Man Will Be Gone Soon

Entering New Territory


Family Portraits: An 826 Seattle Comic Book

First Magazine

Happiness? An 826 Seattle Comic Book

Having Them Here

Home Wasn’t Built In a Day

How to Rise, Or How I Put My Heart In the Close

I Wish They Would Have Asked Me

I’m Not a Philosopher, I Am Just a Green Monster: Songs of Monster Protest

In Our Hood

It’s Not Always Happily Ever After

It’s Supposed to be About Happiness

Item: The Way of the Thumb

I Wish They Would Have Asked Me

Might Magazine

My World

Nine Novels by Younger Americans

Rhythym of the Chain

Right In Front of US

San Francisco Literary Map

Seeing Through the Fog: A Gateway to San Francisco

Sheep Can’t Fly

A Show Of Hands: Young Authors Reflect On the Golden Rule

Some Things You Should About Captain Rick

Sonny Paine

Stew Issue 1

Suddenly My Heart Stopped for Just A Small Portion of Time: Defining Moments

A Sunday Afternoon Hotdog Meal

Take Me Back

Tall Tales and True Stories

This Is Not a Test

This One Time

Trapped: Encyclopedia of Escape

Unsquared: Ann Arbor Writers Unleash Their Edgiest Stories and Poems

Vacansopapurosophobia: Fear of a Blank Page

Vacansopapurosophobia 2: Fear of a Blank Page

Waiting To Be Heard

Walking Through Walls

What It Takes: Stories off Bravery

When a Sentence Ends in a Surprising Gazebo

826CHI Compendium Vol. 1

826 Michigan Omnibus

826 NYC Art Show

826 NYC Reviews

826 Seattle Writes the Rain

The 826 Valencia Quarterly’s Volume 1-10

826 helps students appreciate and create literary art. In an effort to honor the students’ accomplishments, to give them an opportunity to show off their work, and to enhance the quality of their school work, 826 publishes a vast amount of student writing. We know that these publications are critical to a student’s engagement in a project—students take pride in creating a professionally finished product. They experience a complete publishing process. We invite students to create in many genres, from journalism to cartooning. We work closely with teachers when designing our projects in order to ensure that we are meeting teachers’ and schools’ larger goals. Our process is designed to help students experience, appreciate, practice, and recognize great writing.

The topics of our books are inspired by our collaborating teachers’ favorite lesson plans. They are in-depth views of the material within the school curriculum. The process we’ve created is very exciting: volunteer adult writers work with students at their school for a semester. When the book is finished, the sponsor writes an introduction and hosts a reading with all the students and their families. Because of the well known sponsors (Amy Tan, Isabel Allende, Robin Williams, Phil Jackson, Sherman Alexie) and the professional quality of the publications, students work diligently on their essays and learn everything about the process of publishing. Several thousands of each of these books are produced. They are a source of pride for us and for the young authors.

For an inside look at one of our book projects, check out this video clip from 826 Valencia's 2008-2009 book project: