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Letter from Senator Bond to Wonders of Wildlife

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Wonders of Wildlife Board of Directors and Museum Foundation 500 W. Sunshine Street Springfield, MO 65807

Dear Friends:

Congratulations on the official opening of your Wonders of Wildlife Museum. This great achievement follows much hard work.

When I was first approached with a request to find federal funds for an "American National Fish and Wildlife Museum" to be built in Springfield, I was excited at the chance to help build such a treasure in Southwest Missouri.

I knew it would be hard to find those funds in today's tight fiscal environment. But we did it. While the challenge was real, the determination to make this museum a reality was more than an equal match.

I know how remarkable this museum is because I toured it just two weeks ago. It is really a national treasure that will give visitors a deeper appreciation for the richness of our natural history. It will also explain why conservation is so important to the future of our country.

In addition, with more than 900,000 annual visitors expected, this museum will be a powerful economic engine for the Springfield community during these difficult times.

I am proud to have played a role in the success of this project. Winning a $1.5 million appropriation for the museum was not easy, but the effort to secure this federal money for Springfield is the kind of fight I enjoy.

The opening of this museum reminds us all of the need to invest in the future. The work we did to fund and build this museum will benefit countless children, all of whom we hope will become strong guardians of the environment. Of all the work I do in Washington, this project stands out as a real pleasure for me.

Congratulations! The Wonders of Wildlife museum would not be standing today without your dedication and hard work. Thanks to you, millions of Americans have yet another excellent reason to visit the Springfield area.


Christopher S. Bond

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