Air New Zealand.

The choice is all yours

When it comes to flying short haul, one size doesn't fit all. Compare our 4 new products below.

Choice is everything - comparison table.

Please Note:

Lounge Access
With our Works Deluxe product you'll receive lounge access when departing from airports where Air New Zealand has an airport lounge.

Buy snacks and drinks on board
With our Seat and Seat + Bag products, you’ll be able to purchase snacks or drinks from our In-flight Bites menu, using your credit card or a voucher that can be purchased at the airport before you fly. With The Works and Works Deluxe products, once you’ve enjoyed your meal service, you’ll be able to order additional drinks, free of charge, from the 'Complimentary' section of our In-flight Bites menu.

Baggage Allowances
Airpoints Gold Elite and Gold
members can take an additional carry-on bag (up to 7kg) with any of the four products.

Airpoints Gold Elite, Gold and Koru members can take an additional checked bag (up to 23kg) with the Seat + Bag, The Works and Works Deluxe products. Seat only product includes no checked baggage allowance for any passengers.