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It Never Hurts to Ask

Posted on May 25, 2008 12:57 PM by Joel Comm

There are people who get things in life and there are those who don't,

What's the difference?

I find that those who get things and make more things happen are unafraid to ask for them.

Whether we are talking about making the sale, getting a complimentary upgrade on an airline or getting a date, I find that there is an axiom that rings true across the board...

"It never hurts to ask!"

In fact, I have been teaching this to my kids for years.

I've set up a new category on my blog to document things that happen as a result of my just asking.

Let's get it started with this incident that took place a couple weeks back while attending a conference in Los Angeles. It all started with the front desk clerk. Check it out...

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You are right Joel. Many wonderful things happen when you ask for it. You can ask people or ask your higher power. Thanks for such a good blog.

I'm really glad you and your family are OK Joel.God Bless and I hope the weather there gets better. I've been in the hospital and had back sergury,I was watching it on TV and read your note. I wasn't able to return my message as soon as I'd liked to of.Just glad your OK and all your friends and loved ones. My cuisin from England lives in Oklahoma and thank god her and her family are OK. There house is well too.The main thing is that most did OK.A minute of silence for the unfortunate.Take care Darren Taylor.We never know what the future holds do we?


I can't agree more! I am exactly like you are and it drives my wife crazy LoL

But hey, why NOT ask? Why would they care? If you are nice and you use the 2+1+1 rule (2 positives followed by 1 negative followed by 1 positive) I find people go out of their way for you:

"Your hotel is awesome and I love the spacious rooms however, our room is a bit small for our needs so do you have any upgrade specials available? Once again, you have a beautiful hotel... "

Peter :-)

I completely agree. It never hurts to ask. It helps a great deal if you ask with an expectation of receiving. (belief that you will receive)


I agree as well and will even extend the concept a bit further..

I believe that communication is lacking in so many areas of peoples' lives.. you can observe this all over the place and I am not just talking on a personal level. Nowadays folks let their life be told.. seems to not be much shyness for many. And yet I think most of the reason is really the lack of communication, and more specifically asking for what it is that we want. Relationships can go bad, and I am talking all kinds, because we don't respectfully ask to just 'talk'.

I didn't mean to get 'deep' here.. but it really is a great concept if done respectfully.

I TOTALLY AGREE!! And I sure wish I'd known the Hyatt had rooms like that!! Shame on me for NOT asking!! Rest assured I will NOT be making that mistake again!

Hi Joel,

I just came upon your website and love it so much I bookmarked it immediately. I'm fairly new in the field of Marketing and I find your ideas really helpful. Thanks for writing the article 'Asking for what you want'. It's just the inspiration I need to continue fundraising for the Arthritis Society.
So, here goes... I'm holding an online auction in October. Would you donate something fabulous for a good cause?
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I could not be more RIGHT! after a recent mess up by the staff of MGM Grand in Las Vegas, I asked weather is was entitled to compensation for there mess up. I was given £100 allowance on food in the hotel and was given an upgrade to a suite.

Joel you are ABSOLUTELY right. My father taught me this from a young age to simply ask for what you want and don't assume the answer is no until you are told no. But then he said if the answer was no, it just means you did not ask right so rethink things and ask a different way....

So I want to ask you.....

Hey Joel, my question to you about is about adsense..... Adsense is all based on internet marketing.... can you market your business (website) in your area other then internet and not get your account close by google? i'm asking this because if you market your business in your area google may think that i am inviting people to invalidly click adsense ads because of the fact that i may be a strong in marketing in mostly my area......should i just keep my marketing strictly internet?????

when is the next marketing conference around the long beach ca. area??????

Joel, i agree with your word, similar to you never try you never know.

David Cheong

I have done MLM marketing, and my experience is that if you are not clear about your "why" you are doing the business, you will not be strong when the first adversity is hitting you. Even the bible is saying: "ask and you shall recieve", the problem is that we are not doing asking+action = success!

You are correct. I am teaching my children the same. I think it's hard for some people to ask for a discount, bargain, etc. because it implies that you can't afford it or it's petty. I remember somewhere hearing "if you have to ask the price, then you can't afford it". I used to feel that way, but I soon realized that I'm the one that actually could use the break on something. These companies are super rich already and the mark-ups are extreme. Therefore, I'll ask away.

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