Welcome to RAF Kinloss

Nimrod MRA4
Station crest Station commander

Royal Air Force Kinloss

IV36 3UH

Tel No 01309 672161/01309 61+Extension

VPN 95131

Station Commander:
Group Captain JCMcG Johnston BSc RAF

RAF Kinloss is home to the RAF's Nimrod MRA4 aircraft. Introduced into service in 2010 (taking over from the MR2 which entered service in the early 1980s) the MRA4 is capable of operating in a variety of roles including: communications and surveillance support to ground forces; maritime reconnaissance; anti-submarine warfare; and search and rescue.

Nimrods are operated by No's: 42(Reserve); 120 and 201 Squadron, three of the oldest Squadrons in the Air Force. There are 10 crew on board the aircraft: 2 pilots operate on the flight deck; with 2 Weapons System Officers and 6 Weapons Systems Operators who operate the sophisticated sensors, communications and computers that comprise the mission system.


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