Modular air-to-ground weapon

The AASM is a new conventional modular air-to-ground weapon comprising a guidance kit and a range-extension kit that transform an existing bomb body into an air-to-ground precision guided munition. Developed and produced by Sagem Défense Sécurité, the system is now being marketed by MBDA following an agreement signed between the two organisations in May 2008. The agreement also makes way for co-operation in the system’s future development.

• Accurate, all-weather, stand-off, multi-target weapon

• Versatile from pre-planned Deep Strike to Close Air Support in urban areas

• AASM system is made up of 2 kits that equip the bomb body:
- a guidance kit, including electronic equipment and aerodynamic rudders. The kit is attached to the front of the bomb body.
- a range-extension kit, attached to the rear of the bomb body, containing a rocket propeller and an aerodynamic unit that increases lift and allows stand-off firing.

• AASM is available with two guidance kits:
- GPS/inertial
- GPS/inertial/infrared-image guidance.
- Both versions can be fired at a stand-off distance, even at low altitudes.

• Designed for penetrating or general usage 250 kg loads (Mk-82, BLU111, “BANG”, CMEMS), or bomb bodies weighing 125 to 1000kg.

• Compliant with MIL-STD-1553/1760 interfaces and NATO Standard suspension lug spacing

• Controlled impact speed and angle of impact to optimize military effect and minimize collateral damage

• “Zero maintenance” concept

• Combat proven

Range :  in excess of 50 km from high-altitude release, and 15km from low-altitude release

Accuracy : 10 m class (INS/GPS version)

Programme status

A “one meter class” version, including an infrared seeker, is now being qualified. French armed forces have already ordered 700 AASM systems, including both versions.

AASM is already in service with the French Air Force and Navy.

Developed and produced by Sagem Défense Sécurité, AASM is marketed by MBDA.

Range: in excess of 50 km for high-altitude release, and 15km for low-altitude release
High accuracy thanks to INS/GPS navigation
Armament length:
3 m
Armament weight:
330 kg