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To donate online to the Citizens for Richard L. Grabowski campaign, click on the link:

 Want to help?  Bring a friend – we need teams to walk precincts delivering literature door to door ASAP.  A few hours a day for a few days at your convenience can help out GREATLY!  Great excercise and a definite big help to get the word out!!!

Call me at 708-769-9345 to set up a precinct walk.  THANKS!!!!!  Rich.

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Southland Pro-Family Supporters Event Fundraiser

 Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 – - 6 PM to 9 PM

Les Brothers Restaurant, 7730 W. 95th Street, Hickory Hills, IL  60457 – - $50.00 per person- Family Style Dinner – guest speakers TBA.

Welcoming pro-family and pro-life supporters, churches, and like-minded family organizations to attend.

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Southland Businessman’s After Hours Fundraiser

 Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 – - 5 PM to 7 PM

Prime Time Restaurant and Bar, 7750 W. 95th Street, Hickory Hills, IL  60457 – - $50.00 per person – Appetizers and Pizza – special guest attendees TBA.

Inviting members of the Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park, Hometown, Worth, Chicago Ridge, Bridgeview, Hickory Hills, and Palos Hills Chambers of Commerce, as well as the Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce to attend.

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Bears VS Packers Tailgate Party Fundraiser

Monday Night, September 27th, 2010 – - 7 PM – 9 PM

BJ McMahon’s (Party Room) 5432 W. 95th Street, Oak Lawn, IL  60453 – - $25.00 per person – Pizza, Chili and Hot Dogs – Cash Bar

Come watch the Bears VS Packers game with us and support a great candidate’s campaign.

Please RSVP to for planning headcount

or call Linda at 708-423-4379.

Early support of these events will help ensure their success.

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I’m Richard L. Grabowski and I’m the Republican candidate for State Representative in our 36th District.  I’m an ordinary American citizen from Illinois who has always enjoyed meeting and helping others, and who cares deeply about what’s going on in the state of Illinois.  I’m stepping up to the plate for our southland communities and our legislative district at a time when we are in dire need of new leadership in Illinois.

I have not held a political office or appointed position, and I’m not a lawyer, legislative aid, or lobbyist.  I’m not in the ‘politically connected’ class.  I’m from the real world.  I work an ordinary job as a Materials Supervisor at a west suburban manufacturing company.  I’m one of US!

My family and I attend Immanuel Christian Reformed church in Burbank.  I am a Christian conservative, who has traditional family values.  I am Pro-Life and Pro-Second Amendment.  I respect the God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I’m concerned with preserving our freedoms, our traditional American way of life, lowering taxes, reducing spending, balancing the state budget, and promoting a smaller, limited, non-intrusive government.  Socially and fiscally, I choose to be a conservative Republican.

As State Representative, I will be an advocate for the voice of the ordinary citizen and taxpayer.  I will focus on the needs of my constituents and remain true to my values and responsibilities during these politically corrupt times.  As a fiscal conservative, I will fight wasteful spending.  I will fight for common sense legislation aimed at making government smaller, limited and less intrusive in our lives, lowering taxes, promoting new business development, bringing businesses back to Illinois, and real job growth.  I am committed to bringing this state the kind of reform and honest government it deserves.  I am committed to fiscal responsibility and transparency in government.  I will not sell out the taxpayer!  Will you help me take our state back?

Over the past decades, we’ve all been reminded quite often just how much more of our hard earned tax money the Chicago connected Illinois Democrats running our state and federal government want to take from us to fund their relentless spending sprees, obnoxious budget shortfalls and bank breaking pet projects.  Are they aware of what’s going on in our real world of Illinois?

I know what these tough economic times have done to our families, our businesses, our quality of life and our state and local economies.  I have seen job losses, salary cuts, shortened work weeks, business closings, bankruptcies and foreclosures.  These situations are very real for many of us.  Our recession is far from over despite the rosy picture constantly being drawn for us by our current public officials.

I feel like our rights are being sold out from under us.  Our freedoms are disappearing and our Constitution is under assault at the hands of our elected ‘leaders’.  What many Americans thought would never happen is what we are going through right now.  Welcome to Cultural Marxism, compliments of socialist Democrats. 

The state is operating on maxed-out credit, borrowed against our children’s future taxes.  It harms our future and weakens the freedoms our younger generations will inherit.  They’re spending us into bankruptcy while pulling out all the stops to advance their socialist agendas before losing their jobs in November, then collect a hefty pension for the ‘fine job’ they’ve done for us.  Defrauding us out of more of our money to cover for their poor stewardship is disgraceful!

Are you looking for a substantive and meaningful way to show your disapproval of their lack of real leadership and irrational decision making with our tax money?  I ask that you would seriously think about making a much needed donation to my campaign.  It’s difficult for me to fund this alone.  I really need your help.

To donate online to the Citizens for Richard L. Grabowski campaign, click on the link:

Winning a State Representative race takes substantial resources.  Will you help my effort to become the next State Representative for the 36th district?  The cost of getting my message out to the entire district is staggering and difficult for me to afford alone.  Lawn signs, literature printing and mailings, are just a few of the costly but necessary ways to let ordinary voters in the district know that I’m here to stand up not only for them, but with them.  All donations, both large and small, are much needed and greatly appreciated. 

Times are tough for many of us.  I ask this of you – before considering a contribution to my campaign, think hard.  Think if you know any family members, neighbors or friends who are going through real financial hardships.  Help them out first.  Our local churches are struggling with many giving members out of work.  Help food pantries, homeless shelters, PADS and crisis pregnancy centers.  Support organizations that help others in need in our communities.  They can’t survive and help others without your help.

If after this you feel you may still be able to help my campaign, then please consider a donation.  Your support to fight the good fight will be greatly appreciated.  Small amounts do help, and larger amounts can help more.  Give what you feel you can afford to help my campaign move forward.

I also can use your support in other ways this year.  Put out a yard sign for me for the month of October, find others who would be willing to do the same in your neighborhood, talk to friends and neighbors about me, walk with me in parades, help put together mailings, distribute literature door to door several times this year, attend a fundraiser, volunteer your help at an event, or host a coffee or tea gathering for me at your home. 

I ask for your vote in November.  In the 2010 elections, we can make a clean break from the past.  Democrats have had one party political control of our state and legislative districts for nearly a decade now.  We have an opportunity this year to correct our course and set a higher standard for our state.  Make sure we don’t leave the outcome to chance.  Let’s send a message to Democrats on November 2nd that we’re not going to take it – anymore!  Together we can change Illinois.  Let’s make this a state we can be proud of again!  Our future generations will appreciate it!

Thank you for your support. 


Richard L. Grabowski – Republican Candidate for State Representative – 36th District

Questions? Comments? Want to volunteer and help the campaign?

E-mail:        Phone:  708-769-9345

To donate online to the Citizens for Richard L. Grabowski campaign, click on the link:

Any donations or contributions, large or small, are gratefully appreciated and can be sent to:

Citizens for Richard L. Grabowski, P.O. Box 536, Oak Lawn, IL  60454 

Paid for by Citizens for Richard L. Grabowski.  Contributions or gifts are not tax deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.  A copy of our report filed with the Board of Elections is (or will be) available for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, IL.