Minecraft [alpha Review]

It might still be in alpha testing but Markus Persson's Minecraft is already something special.

You begin the game plonked in the middle of a vast randomly generated world and you are then completely free to do what you want. Every item in the world must be created from scratch, but you better be quick, because when night falls, the nasties come out to play.

Chopping trees for wood and mining coal for torches are among the first things to do. Then, it's time to build yourself a crude shelter before darkness descends.


While exploring during daylight hours, animals can be farmed for meats, skins and wool, while its essential to craft weapons and tools to use as you explore.

Players will undoubtedly start small, but some truly incredible objects can be created. I've been building a mountainside home, complete with lava flow, while work is slowly progressing on a harbour.

A quick search on YouTube throws up some mind-boggling creations, and
with a little imagination, you too can create some breathtaking structures.
The graphics might be blocky, but Minecraft certainly has a charm about it. Looking out across the game's stunning landscapes is quite special, while the freedom to do what you want is refreshing.


Markus Persson updates the game every Friday, and in recent weeks snow, boats, cacti, bamboo, paper and cows have been added.

There's a free to play browser-based version available on the game's website, but it lacks many of the game's key features. However, for less than £10, you can enjoy the full Minecraft experience. I would urge everyone to at least give the game a go, and if you enjoy it, then please purchase a copy. To find out more, log on to www.minecraft.net/


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Anonymous said:

amazing game. tried it after reading about it in PC gamer. make sure you put doors on your house!

Dhel said:

I love how thorough your comment is. We all know that anyone and everyone MUST know that you made the first comment. I mean what other reason is there to do so? You, good sir, deserve an Internet for such an intelligible move. I applaud you.

And to you other two as well, I salute you. Such hasty remarks and their attributed number are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

Drake "TrueWolves" Higgins said:

Ha, nice picture of the burning zombie. But yes, this game is great and only continues to grow. Plus you only need to pay once!

Glad to know that there are still people who 'first' in the world eh? -.-;

Anonymous said:

Minecraft is Awesome

Ulrich said:

Well, I've played it for a while... three BIG reviews in just a few days? I think this thing is about to get huge. XD

Anonymous said:

wow arnt you special

iMP said:

I bought this game a short while ago, and I just cant stop playing it! You can even make traps and mechanics using logical gates! It's just pure awesomeness! :D

Anonymous said:

over 9000th

Anonymous said:

too bad notch said that he'll be moving to beta soon.

Marro said:

This is an awesome game! Everybody GOT to try it!

Dude said:

I was one of the first 1000 to buy the game. I'm still playing it regularly, until this day.
Really, there is ALWAYS something to do in Minecraft. There is NEVER "too much" resources.

Hollowed said:

i remember my exact number 534th person to buy it awesome day for me indeed

todo-mahem said:

Burning zombie = win.
Minecraft is an incredibly amazing funtasmic game that deserves all the recognition the gaming community has to offer.

aaa said:

>I love how fourth your comment is.

aaa said:

>I love how fourth your comment is.

lolwut said:

I LOVE Minecraft. At first it was really weird and a bit odd to get used to since everything is a block, but it's really cool. The amount of things you can do is just... mind boggling. From building huge, ornate structures, or recreating a sprite version of Megaman or Mario... you can do damn near anything.

Great to kill time, and it keeps you interested. At the very least it's definitely worth a look.

Anonymous said:

Heheh, I sure didn't start like they say is best... I just beat some cactuses into submission, then proceeded to dig a tunnel through a very steep mountain that spoke out at me... a few day/night cycles later I have a lair that extends upward, to the limit of the map, and am proceeding to build a platform up there, since I just HAPPENED to have gotten a snow map the first time and I wanted a green base of operations. To put that in perspective, I learned about crafting an RL day later :P

Even now I'm building upon the stronghold.... there's now a mine shaft the goes straight down to the bottom of the map, through which I've found a perfect hole for jumping out of, and the platform has grown to extend over most of the mountain, with several waterfalls forming a screen around it. Now, for my next feat of building, I think a stone wall is in order...

sam maston said:

i hate minecraft

Anonymous said:


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