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WCF RIA Services Forum

This is a feature suggestion list dedicated to the core WCF RIA Services suggestions. Find out more information about RIA Services at http://silverlight.net/riaservices.

If you have questions, need help or find a bug in RIA Services, visit the forums at

  1. 808 votes

    Support data change notifications from the server

    Ability for the client to asynchronously receive notificaitons from the server whenever the data in the client's context has changed on the server (possibly as a result of another user's action).

  2. 708 votes
  3. 626 votes
  4. 450 votes

    Support for WPF

    Do code generation for WPF the same way Silverlight does (except taking advantage of any WPF-specific features, of course).

  5. 243 votes
  6. 220 votes

    EntityQuery<T>.Select() to project entities from the RIA Clients without creating DTOs at the server

    This is very important..creating DTO's at the service just to fullfil some specific view requirements is very painful and incorrect!

    We just be able to project entities just like WCF Data Services does.

  7. 200 votes

    Support more of OData

    Support all the types of filtering, updating, etc. that OData supports.

  8. 173 votes

    Ability to Include Navigation Properties Based on Many-to-Many relationships

    Currently, when you apply the Include and Association attributes in the Domain Service MetaData class, you cannot add an association based on a many to many relationship since the keys don't match.

  9. 154 votes

    A visual plugin for VS to manage domain services

    It would be great to extend the current wizard to be able to manage the service visually as the tables change during development.

  10. 150 votes
  11. 131 votes
  12. 108 votes
  13. 96 votes

    Authorization-based UI (admin/user have different UI)

    Propagate authorization/role metadata from server to client so that it can be used for building authorization-specific UI; e.g. admin sees additional named update methods that a user does not.

  14. 83 votes

    Paging support without requiring LINQ backend (e.g. sprocs)

    Enable paging over sprocs / non-IQueryable sources. Map client-side paging infrastructure to DomainService query method parameters.

  15. 80 votes

    Transaction support from client

    So that multiple calls to SubmitChanges() of different domain contexts can we wrapped into a TransactionScope()

  16. 73 votes

    RIA Service support for ORM's besides EF

    Would love to point the RIA Svs Wizard at some mapping file in NHibernate or LLBLgen and have it work, understand entities in the ORM etc.

  17. 53 votes

    RIA Client for DataSet returning web services

    Use web services returning/consuming DataSet on the server and get DomainContext to provide RIA experience with those web-services.

  18. 48 votes
  19. 46 votes

    Nested Filter Groups and Extensible Filter Support for DomainDataSource

    DomainDataSource Filters should be extensible by allowing new filter classes to be defined, adding onto the EntityQuery. This would allow a custom filter to be created that uses custom logic to manipulate the query, or even have a group of filters with their own And/Or operator.

  20. 38 votes

    POCO Support

    I am having a hard time with WCF Ria Services without the benefit of EF. When my middle tier is what it is and cannot be modified. Many entities don't serialize using the Xml Metadata Serializer and many features don't work as all sample code I ever seen to find manipulating the data on the client.

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