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Grip training is much more than just training the hand. You need to train each finger and the thumb. It just makes sense. You’ve been using thick bars, nut-cracker grippers and doing your wrist curls and they all train your hand, but what makes up your hand? The hand is 4 fingers and a thumb. Shouldn’t you train them individually?

Ask anyone who has had a damaged tendon in the forearm, hand, wrist or finger. If you’ve really damaged one finger or the thumb, it is really hard to grip anything. I talk to a lot of football coaches and the number one problem I see, time and again, by the end of the season, is beat up hands. You try to catch a football with a couple of fingers taped together, maybe on both hands. It is not an easy feat. As any football fan knows, “inches and goal” is NOT a touchdown. Any single fumble can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Each Finger is Uniquely Important!

Martial artists , climbers, shooters, archers, bowlers, musicians and baseball players each have very specific finger training needs. Now you can train each finger and thumb for it’s specific need.

What really happens when you catch a football? Sometimes it falls neatly into the crook of your arm and the fingers are hardly necessary. How often does that happen? Some people also win the lottery and get struck by lightning on the same day.

Leaping in the air… arms stretched out… each finger is stretched to the limit… somehow, with one fingertip hitting the edge of the ball it is enough for 2, then 3 fingers and the final thick thumb to close on the edge of the ball and it is… caught. We have all been there and have seen it happen. It is the giant defensive lineman who makes the interception and wins the football game. It is the goalie who saves the day in sudden death. It is the outfielder in the 9th, with 3 men on base. Those are the moments we live for in sports, as a player and a fan.

Now think about the poor guy who misses that catch.

Train your fingers.

The Aftermath Sniper Grip Machine is the tool you need to do it right.

The leverage is such that a physical therapist can use it for rehab, yet the strongest pro wrestler couldn’t top it out. I take it to strength coaches with just one 10 pound plate, and they love it!

All the parts are commercial industrial grade and as smooth and durable as anything in your local commercial gym. Notice the industrial hard chrome rods with bronze bushings. That is the same formula used to make that wonderful feel of the old York Olympic bars. You know the ones. The same classic bars that Kono and Schemansky set their records and won their championships with. You know the bar. It is the one hidden behind the gym owners desk, so you won't steal it. That feel can be yours with our UNIQUE Aftermath Sniper Grip Machine.

It fits on your desk top and ships by UPS. UPS will drop this baby off at your door, with none of the hassles of those "common carrier" semi tractor trailers and their irritating rules and hours, that are convenient for them, but not for you. The 15 pound weight and convenient size make the whole UPS delivery experience cheap & easy.

Hit the More Pictures button underneath the photo to the left, to see an alternate photograph with the Olympic plate holder.

Midnight Wrinkle Black paint and has a 1" diameter weight holding horn that fits standard size plates. Steel Olympic plate adaptor available if you call (419)352-5100 for $19.95. Comes with one classic red wrenchless screw collar. Weights not included.

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    Customer Reviews

    "The grip strength transfer is so great, using each individual finger, that I can now close the Number 3 Gripper! I have used a lot of grip strength tools and this is the one that gave me the raw bone and tendon strength to reach my goals!"

    Charles Wilson