Oct 12 2010 11:07 AM ET

Taylor Swift apologizes (to Taylor Lautner?) in 'Back to December'

Taylor-SwiftImage Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com“Back to December,” another new song from Taylor Swift’s upcoming album Speak Now, has hit iTunes, and it’s making headlines because, for the first time, she’s the one who needs to apologize for her behavior in a relationship. Swift, known for her autobiographical songwriting, has already admitted it’s “almost word-for-word” a conversation that she had with a young man whose heart she broke. She wouldn’t name him, but fans are assuming it’s Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner. In the tune — a melancholy mea culpa with the kind of driving chorus and age-appropriate yet universal honesty that makes Swift’s songs hits – she says she’s sorry for the last time he saw her (“You gave me roses, and I left them there to die”) and that she wishes she realized what she had (“I’d go back to December, turn around, and change my own mind/I go back to December all the time”). At the risk of going Teen Beat on you, here’s why the Lautner guess isn’t a bad one:

- “Then I think about summer all the beautiful times/ I watched you laughing from the passenger side/ And realized I loved you in the fall/” — They filmed Valentine’s Day in summer 2009. She was photographed, smiling, in his passenger seat last October. And she sung about him in her Saturday Night Live opening monologue in November.

- “When your birthday passed, and I didn’t call” — Lautner turned 18 in February.

If you’ve heard the track, does it sound like a hit? I’m sorry for the boy’s heartbreak (“You gave me all your love, and all I gave you was goodbye”), but grateful that Swift has a new side of love to write about — regret.

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  • Bee

    i’m no taylor swift fan at all (and HATED speak now from last week), but i sorta like this one. it’s got a nice sound and thank God for her singing something at least a little different.

    • LOL

      I’m with Coco!

      • angle

        I love this , So does My boyfriend .he is a ncie and black man .i met him via
        agelessmatch.c’oma nice place for seeking interr acial love.which gives you a chance to make your life better and open opportunities for you to meet the attractive sin gles and treat you like a king or Queen. Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends..

    • melissa clark

      well i love <3 taylor she is my life with out her i would die, & she is like a sister to me.
      & HAPPY THANKSGIVING love you tay!!
      from ur fan

      • sexyback

        taylor swift can’t be your world. You could live with her the person you couldn’t live with out or at least you shouldn’t is GOD. God is the one that you want to be with

    • Softball Girl :)

      I love everything about Taylor Swift. Her hair, music, style, personality. I think Back To December is a great song. She has a good heart. I have been to her concert and it was awesome! I <3 Taylor Swift!!!!

  • Sarah

    It can’t be about Taylor Lautner, because that implies their relationship was real and not some PR manufactured gimmick.

    • Kaydence Mommy

      um if you get the facts and dig a little deeper (which isn’t much) you’d see that this song IS about Taylor Lautner… all the lyrics point to him!! Doesn’t take a rocket scientist smh

    • sexyback

      Maybe they didn’t want the pops. to know. You know they propably wanted to be like us normal. Were no one is around taking pictures of them. Have you thought of that??

  • sup

    who cares

    • K

      You do.

      • sup

        not really, brah

    • FINE.

      Tsk. I do. >:)

    • Kaydence Mommy

      if u didn’t care then y’d u read it???? smh @ignorance

  • Karl

    Really?? ur basing ur conclusion it’s Lautner on TWO things?

    • Kay

      There are a lot more clues in the song if you know the details & listen to it.. “I miss your tan skin” “you held me in your arms that september night, the first time you ever saw me cry…” after the VMAs with the Kanye situation.

      • sexyback

        true that

    • santana

      I don’t see how her singing about him on SNL is evidence that was when she decided she loved him. How about this, was she dating Taylor in December? Did they break up before his birthday, although using his birthday is in Feb. as a clue is lame. Everyone has a birthday.

      • Stef

        They did break up in December. Search google for “taylor swift lautner people.com overblown” and the original article they posted about the breakup was dated Dec 29.

    • apurva

      and the fact that in the lyrics booklet the word highlighted with correlation to this song is “TAY”.. she has clues in the lyrics booklet that directly give away every song.

    • Kaydence Mommy

      actually it’s Lautner on more than 2 things…
      They broke up in DECEMBER!!
      She cried in his arms after the Kanye incident which was in SEPTEMBER!
      and He has tan skin lol
      so there goes 3 more!!

  • Jase

    This should have been her first single, i think. Its much better than Mine. Whether it’s about Lautner or not, its a really good song. And i’m not even a very big fan of hers.

  • Couchtime With Jill

    I don’t really care who it’s about, but it’s great to hear a new perspective from her.

  • jasper

    i hate this whore

    • studying

      Then do not listen to her. If there is one thing Taylor is not, it is whore. Maybe your just mad because a girl like her would never look at you.

      • sup

        she slept with john mayer how is that not whorish

      • Emily

        Taylor Swift’s parents would wrap her in duck tape and strap her to a chair and forbid her to ever date John Mayer. She comes from very protective parents and she is known for being clean. She is the anti selling sex for sales and also being a slut/whore herself.

      • @Emily

        Plenty of parents are overprotective. That don’t always stop your daughter from being a ho.

    • Emily

      How in the world do you know that Taylor slept with john mayer? That is a rumor.

      • sup

        it’s the truth, john mayer has slept with everybody. ask your mom

      • Molly

        @Emily, learn grammar. “That don’t always” makes you sound uneducated.

    • Kaydence Mommy

      how do u know she’s a hoe? r u mad bc u have zero chance in hell? yea I thought so!! :-)

    • sexyback

      Why would you say somehting like that. That is totally RUDE! So please think before you speak. I mean really whats your problem?? Your just like that song called MEAN that she sings. All you are is mean…

    • sexyback

      Don’t say that! Your JUST like that song MEAN she sings. All you are is mean… why do you got to be so mean…

  • studying

    Who cares who this song is about. This is a great song period!

  • potch

    When she proves that she can sing live just as good as her auto-tuned recordings, then MAYBE I will give a rat’s behind about her. Until then, I’ll focus my energy on real artists who can actually keep pitch in front of an audience.

    • huh?

      most of those “real artists” that you may be referring to lip-sync!

      • sup

        potch didn’t refer to any “real artists” by name, dumbass

      • huh?

        I said MOST and artists that he “MAY BE” referring to.. I didn’t mention any artists by name either! So, think before you call people names! DUMBASS

      • The International Nomad

        Unless you can read minds through a computer screen, you honestly don’t have clue which artists sup is referring to. So you are indeed the dumbass in this case.

      • The International Nomad

        Sorry, I meant potch, not sup.

      • mclovin

        There are plenty of artists who choose to sing live who can actually sing well. I’m not going to start listing them off. But you can just trust me on that one.

    • Kaydence Mommy

      the ytf r u reading the article if u don’t care?! obviously you don’t have better things to do! so stop hating and go find some business loser!

  • flicketyflack

    I’ve heard way better “didn’t know how good I had it” regret type songs. What’s going on with Taylor’s writing on this album? Other than Mine her storytelling is really poor with all these songs.

    This is boring and it’s only selling point of interest is how it might be about another celebrity. Since the celebrity in question isn’t one I care about and I always thought they were in a showmance, I can’t get into the song.

  • Marine

    @potch Is that a joke? you will focus your energy on real artists who can blah blah? I mean what are you doing here wasting your precious time on taylor? People should learn to focus on artists they love, life will be so much better that way. I, for one don’t like Lady gaga but never have I ever gone to a lady gaga’s post. I have no idea whats up with her except when she is played on the radio. I don’t give a FcUk about artists I don’t like.

    • Emily

      Thank you Marine. Seriously, why do people spend so much time putting down artist that they claim not to like or listen to when they could be spending their precius time online chatting about their artist that they do like. Get a life people!!

    • The International Nomad

      Right you are, Marine. But one little caveat, this isn’t a Taylor Swift fan site, so people who aren’t fans of hers do reserve the right to comment as well. Sure, some posts will consist of nothing more than childish insults, but some others will actually make a significant point, whether you agree with them or not. There is no rule stating that you can only comment on a person if your opinion is a positive one. Really, the places where T-Swift “haters” truly have no place in are forums and fan sites. And this applies to every celebrity.

  • Amy

    I have to say, I LOVE THIS SONG. I love the cover for this song, she looks so grown-up! This song has universal appeal. It is a very personal song as I assume she wrote it about her own life…yet people of all ages can relate to it. I’m 23 by the way. There have been so many times in life I’ve regretted not returning someone’s love only to realize later on how wrong I was…and how I wish I could go back to that time. This is why Taylor Swift will have a long-lasting career. She writes personal songs that have universal appeal, that’s very hard to do.

    • Yes

      Preach amy! Preach! Very excited for this girl’s album…

  • Jenny

    Haters are gonna hate. I just wish this was the first single released from her album, it would debut #1 on Billboard. Oh wellz…better late than never. Her album is even more highly anticipated now!!!

  • Paul

    Yeah! Haters gonna hate!! I love this girl! She’s the real deal!!! Going to buy her album when it comes out!

    • sexyback

      U GO!!! i did to it is sssooo ah-mazing :) <3 dont hate people that you dont no that is STUPID!!!

  • Rach

    God, I love this girl! I can relate and it’s scary how accurate especially the details! Oct 25 please come faster! I love all the singles. I can relate to them one way to another. And yeah! Haters gonna hate!

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