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  1. We mourn the passing of North Carolina lawyer Elizabeth Edwards
  2. As legal medical marijuiana proliferates, pot prices decline nationwide
  3. Coffee talk: Kraft sues Starbucks over packaged coffee distribution agreement Any sugar to sweeten a bitter dispute?
  4. Court opinion dismissing case seeking to stop U.S. from putting U.S-born al Qaeda cleric on U.S. kill list
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  6. 'You can't gag me': WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange denied bail, vows to keep releasing secret U.S. gov't files
  7. Today's @onwardjustia post lists consumer product & safety resources for holiday and year-round shoppers
  8. NY teacher convicted of sexual abuse can get e-mails between Asst DA's and student for defense in civil case
  9. SCOTUS to hear AZ immigration case that punishes businesses under state law for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants
  10. After getting hit with a class-action U.S. Copyright Group drops 97% of cases against BitTorrent users
  11. Ore. judge approves man's name change request to 'Captain Awesome,' along with smiley faced, arrowed signature
  12. Copyrightted Holiday Songs We're guessing there's plenty you didn't realize
  13. Deal lawyer retires after 32 years in the biz, offers cautionary advice for those considering the M&A life RT @WSJ
  14. Ted Olson: #Prop8 proponents' justification would also warrant banning comic books and video games
  15. Ted Olson in 9th Circuit: Prop8 "is discrimination on the basis of sex, and discrimination based on sexual orientation"
  16. Yahoo Settles with consumers duped in dating profile scam renewal in company's product, now owned by
  17. Boies: Calif. #Prop8 proponents don't have standing
  18. WikiLeaks’ One True Home Is Twitter, But For How Long? RT @TechCrunch
  19. Boies: County Clerks are not bound by the U.S. District Court's injunction in Prop. 8 case
  20. David Boies now speaks for Prop8 plaintiffs before 9th Cir.