Harmonium News

Version 0.5.1 Beta Released

Sep 10, 2008 - Version 0.5.1 Beta has been released. This version is a bug fix version which reverts to earlier versions libraries in order to avoid several bugs introduced when Harmonium "upgraded" to newer versions of those libraries. See the Change Log for details.

Version 0.5 Beta Released

Aug 30, 2008 - Version 0.5 Beta has been released. This version improves the visual style of Harmonium on standard definition screens, adds to ability to skip through lists alphabetically while browsing music (a big request from those with large music collections), and fixes several bugs. See the Change Log for all the details.

What is Harmonium?

Harmonium is a free music player that streams music from your PC to your network enabled TiVo DVR. Harmonium allows its users to enjoy their digital music collection in the comfort of their family room while taking advantage of the sound quality offered by their home theater.

Why use Harmonium?

Harmonium was designed to make the most of the technology that is available. Although there are other music players that interface with a TiVo, the features that Harmonium offers set it apart.

Harmonium Plays MP3 Files

MP3 is the de facto standard when it comes to digital music—most people who own digital music have it in MP3 format. Files in MP3 format are unencumbered by DRM schemes which can prevent you from listening to your own music. Additionally, music in MP3 format can be easily purchased from online sellers such as Amazon.com and Rhapsody.

Harmonium Reads ID3 Tags

Information about a music track can be stored in ID3 tags within an MP3 file. Most commercially purchased MP3 files already contain ID3 tags, and many programs that rip music to the MP3 format automatically set these tags. By making use of ID3 tags, Harmonium can automatically sort your music so that it is easy to find.

Harmonium is High-Definition

Harmonium can make use of your high-definition television to display large-format, high-definition album art as your music plays. If you don't have a high-definition television, don't worry—Harmonium works just as well on standard definition sets.

Harmonium Plays Your Playlists

You can create playlists in Harmonium by adding entire artists, albums, or just individual tracks. Once you've created a playlist, you can edit and reorder you playlist using the on-screen interface. Harmonium will also read and play your existing M3U playlists.

Harmonium is Easy to Use

Harmonium is easy to install and use. Its familiar TiVo-like interface allows users to get their music up and playing quickly.

Harmonium is Free

Harmonium is free software. It can be downloaded, modified, and shared—all at no charge.

Can I run Harmonium?

To use Harmonium, you'll need a networked PC (running Microsoft Windows, Linux, or just about any other operating system) that has Java 6.0 installed, and which stores your music collection. You'll also need a network enabled TiVo (Series 2, Series 3, or TiVo HD). It also helps to have a fast network connecting them. For more details, see the full documentation.