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"The Asian Studies WWW Monitor" (ISSN 1329-9778) was established 21 April 1994. The journal, a pioneering and the only publication of this kind in the world, provides virtually daily abstracts and reviews of new/updated online resources of significance to research, teaching and communications dealing with Asian Studies. This timely, reliable and impartial information is published by the Internet Publications Bureau, RSPAS, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. The periodical forms a key element of the global, cooperative project Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. For further details see a page About the Asian Studies WWW Monitor.

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The Asian Studies WWW Monitor: Dec 2010, Vol. 17, No. 14 (319)
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10 Dec 2010
Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA)
Japan Institute of International Affairs, Tokyo, Japan.
"Founded in 1959, The JAPAN INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS is Japan's foremost center for producing and disseminating ideas on international relations. As an academically independent institution affiliated with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Institute is a source of authoritative interpretations of Japanese foreign policy. Building on its work of publication, international scholarly collaboration and policy recommendation, the Institute is a forum for informed public debate."
Site contents:
* About Us (History and Mission, Trustees, Funding, Membership);
* People;
* Commentary ("AJISS Commentary seeks to inform world opinion of Japanese ideas on Japan and international affairs. AJISS-Commentary is an occasional op-ed type publication of The Association of Japanese Institutes of Strategic Studies (AJISS) consisting of three leading Japanese think tanks: Institute for International Policy Studies (IIPS), The Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA), and Research Institute for Peace and Security (RIPS). The commentary is available on this website [free access to an abstract + text in PDF format] and through free subscription." Recent Commentaries include: # No.106 - Keep the Summit in Sight at COP16. Junichi Fujino, 26 Nov 2010; # No.105 - The Obama Administration's Security Strategy and the Japan-US Alliance. Takashi Kawakami, 19 Nov 2010; # No.104 - ARF: Move Forward "Not Too Slow." Susumu Yamakage, 5 Nov 2010; # No.103 - Don't Think Twice about Japanese Politics. It's All Right. Masaru Kohno, 2 Nov 2010; # No.102 - Deepening the Alliance within an International Security Community. Hirotaka Watanabe, 29 Oct 2010.);
* Forum (Recent webcasts include: # Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Sajjadpour, Professor, The Foreign Relations Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Islamic Republic of Iran, "Iran's Security Policy and Iran-US Relationship: Special Focus on Afghanistan Question" (2010-11-29); # Dr. Anatoly Vasilievich Torkunov, Rector of Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO), "New Challenges in Global Politics" (2010-11-25). # Dr. Andrew Oros, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Washington College, Maryland, "Looking Beyond the Current Crisis in Japan-China Relations", (2010-11-19));
* Research ("JIIA is engaged in a variety of research on international political and security issues. -grand strategy, nuclear non-proliferation, regional integration, terrorism, energy, a host of bilateral relations and others. Our research emphasizes policy analysis and recommendation as well as the dissemination of information to stimulate informed public debate. Research findings are presented in reports and publications, and in public fora including the media." Recent Reports [in PDF format] include: # "On Multilateralism - Ideas and Actions of a World Banker". Hideaki Asahi, Professor of the University of Tokyo and Adjunct Fellow of JIIA.(2010-12-03); # U.S.-Japan-India Strategic Dialogue, September 22-24, 2010 Washington,D.C. # JIIA Public Symposium: Strengthening Japan-Pacific Islands Countries Partnership.(2010-09-13); # ASEAN Study Group Report (2010-03-31); EU Foreign Policy after the Lisbon Treaty: Challenges and Opportunities. Baroness Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Vice-President of the European Commission. (2010-04-28); # The Fifth Japan - Australia Track 1.5 Dialogue (2010-03-31).;
* Conference (Including: 2010 November: # The 4th Japan - New Zealand Track 1.5 Dialogue, Tokyo. # The 1st JIIA - MGIMO Conference, Tokyo. # The 34th CSCAP Steering Committee Meeting, Manila. # The 24th CIIS and JIIA Workshop, Beijing. # Open Symposium on "Conflicts and Peacebuilding in the Middle East: Palestine, Israel and Iraq", Tokyo.
2010 October: # The 1st CICIR - JIIA Symposium, Beijing. # The 19th Pacific Economic Cooperation Council(PECC) General Meeting, Tokyo. # The 1st Meeting of the CSCAP Study Group on Safety and Security of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations in the Asia Pacific, Danang, Vietnam);
* Publication [Details of Publications in English, Publications in Japanese];
* Membership;
* Centers (Center for the Promotion of Disarmament Non-Proliferation (CPDNP), Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP), Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC));
* Contact Us;
* Directions.
Internet Archive:*/
Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (
* Resource type [news/comments - documents - study - corporate info. - online guide]: Corporate Info. / Study
* Publisher [academic - business - govt. - library/museum - NGO - other]: Academic / Govt.
* Scholarly usefulness [essential - v.useful - useful - interesting - marginal]: Essential

07 Dec 2010
Centre of Asian Studies (CAS)
Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Science, University of Hong Kong, HK, China.
"The Centre of Asian Studies was established in 1967 to promote interdisciplinary research on Asian topics within the University of Hong Kong and to serve as a focal point of contact for Asian studies scholars around the world. [...]
The Centre's three flagship programmes define the majority of our activities: the China-ASEAN Project, China-India Project and the Hong Kong Culture and Society Programme. Beyond these, Centre staff conduct research on Chinese entrepreneurship, migration and human trafficking, oral history, Asian business history, Chinese intellectual politics and the quality of life in Hong Kong and Macao. In June 2009, CAS successfully applied for funding support from the RGC General Research Fund for two projects entitled, 'Maritime Trade between Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, 1842-1939' and 'Pre-modern Family Institutions and Origins of Implicit Contract in Japanese Corporate Culture: A Case Study of the Sumitomo Group'. Our other ongoing major projects include 'Hong Kong Memory', 'Hong Kong as Financial Gateway for Taiwanese Enterprises', 'Entrepreneurial Families -- the Rong, Gu and Ho Tung Business Dynasties', 'Locating Hong Kong in Global Networks of Professional Migrants', 'Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Oral History', 'Hong Kong Jockey Club History', 'Quality of Life in Macao' and 'Development Planning and Strategy in Macao'."
Site contents:
* Introduction;
* Staff List;
* Core Programmes (China-ASEAN Project, China-India Project, Hong Kong Culture and Society Programme);
* RGC-Funded Projects;
* Commissioned Research (# Ongoing Projects: 1. Quality of Life in Macao, # Recently Completed Projects: 1. Population Policy in Macao, 2. Development Planning and Strategy in Macao, 3. Hong Kong in the Region);
* Staffs / Students Research;
* Broadening Courses;
* Hang Seng Bank Education Fund;
* Seminars;
* Conferences;
* Affiliates;
* CAS Publications [Publication details and TOCs of over 160 publications, incl.:
# Eric Ho, Tracing My Children's Lineage. (388 pp.) 2010. ISBN 978-962-8269-54-9.
# Victor Zheng and Mark Chow (eds.), A Study on Chinese Family Business and Inheritance. (304 pp., in Chinese) 2010. ISBN 978-962-8269-53-2.
# Victor Zheng and Charles W. Chow, Grand Old Man of Hong Kong: Sir Shouson Chow. (332 pp.) 2010. ISBN 978-962-8269-52-5.
# Philip N.L., Chen, Great Cities of the World. (first impression: 208 pp.; second impression: 216 pp.) 2010. ISBN 978-962-8269-50-1.
# Tsai-man C. Ho and Louella Cheng (eds.), Economic Dynamism in the Sinospheres and Anglospheres: Identities, Integration and Competition. (394 pp.) 2010. ISBN 978-962-8269-51-8.
# Hong Kong Experiences: Culture Heritage and Innovations. [Published jointly with the Commercial Press (H.K.) Ltd.] (178 pp., in Chinese) 2009. ISBN 978-962-07-6421-9.
# Elizabeth Sinn, Wong Siu-lun and Chan Wing Hoi (eds.), Rethinking Hong Kong: New Paradigms, New Perspectives. (390 pp.) 2009. ISBN 978-962-8269-49-5.
# Wong Siu-lun and Wang Cangbai (eds.), Population Policies and Development in China and India: Comparative Perspectives. (264 pp., in English and Chinese) 2009. ISBN 978-962-8269-48-8.
# Wang Cangbai, Life is Elsewhere: Stories of the Indonesian Chinese in Hong Kong. (340 pp., in Chinese) 2006. ISBN 978-962-8269-47-1.
# Liu Ching-chih and Li Ming (eds.), A Collection of Articles in Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Ethnomusicology Society. (592 pp., in Chinese) 2005. ISBN 978-962-8269-46-4];
* Links;
* Contact Us;
* Up-coming Event.
Internet Archive ( [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]
Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (
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07 Dec 2010
Researching World Christianity: [a database of] Doctoral Dissertations on Mission Since 1900
Yale University Library & Yale Divinity School, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA
"This database incorporates compilations of missions-related dissertations published in the July 1983, July 1993, and July 2003 issues of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research [], and has been expanded in its scope. First, it includes English-language doctoral dissertations without regard to country of origin. Secondly, rather than focusing narrowly on missions, it also includes dissertations dealing with Christianity outside the West. Excluded are dissertations about Christianity in Europe, Australasia, and North America, with the exception of aboriginal missions in those areas. Thirdly, it expands the chronological scope to include dissertations presented since 1900. Fourth, the earlier compilations were limited to 'research' doctorates, understood to include the Th.D. and the Ph.D.; the present compilation includes all doctoral level dissertations and theses that we could identify, including the D.Min. and D.Miss. Finally, we consulted many more sources to identify theses and dissertations than did the predecessor compilations, including websites and published bibliographies (a bibliography of sources consulted will be included with the database). As a result, the number of titles identified increased from 2,371 in its three predecessors to nearly 5,193. Updates to the database have increased the number of titles to 6,113 as of April 2010. The creation of this database was undertaken in collaboration with the International Bulletin of Missionary Research, and made possible by the support of the Overseas Ministries Study Center [], New Haven, Conn.."
Site contents:
* Type of search (Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, Institution);
* All of these words
* Any of these words
* This phrase
* Send comments to Catalog Librarian, Yale Divinity School.
Site contents [examples of keyword searches]
# MALAYSIA - details [Title, Author, Degree, Institution, Date, Abstract, DAI Number, Country of Origin, Subject 1, Subject 2, Subject 3, Subject 4] of the 21 located dissertations, including:
[1] A comparative study on religious tolerance in post-independence Malaysia and Nigeria, with special reference to Christian-Muslim relations. Basri, G. University of Aberdeen.
[2] A comparative study on the role of religious interest groups in the formulation of educational policies in the Philippines and Malaysia de la Cruz. Rica Melanie Perez. Rice University.
[3] Home-centered training of the Malaysia discipleship center leaders: A case study. George, M. Geevarughese. Dallas Theological Seminary.
[4] The impact of Christianity on power relationships and social exchanges: A case study of change among the Tagal Murut, Sabah, Malaysia. Harris, Annette Suzanne. Biola University.
[5] A History of the Protestant Christian Churches in West Malaysia and Singapore. Herron, Alan Craig. University of Otago.
[6] Contesting the Ideology of the Empire: Paul's Theological Politics in Romans, with Preliminary Implications for Chinese Christian Communities in Malaysia. Hii, Kong Hock. Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
[7] Claim the Call to Lead: Toward a Renewed Model of the District Superintendency in the Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference, Methodist Church in Malaysia. Lau, Hui Ming. Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.
[8] A Proposed Theological Education by Extension Program for Malaysia. Lee, Amos Ying-pak. University of Chicago.
[9] The Development Of A Liberation Educational Model For The Witness Of The Christian Church In Peninsula Malaysia. Lee, Kok Pheng. Vanderbilt University.
[10] Persistence Amid Transition: The Views of Malay Students in America on Ethnic Identity and Religious Change in the Context of Malay History and Culture. Matanick, Philip Asbury. Theological Seminary.
[11] A Study of the Development of Malay Ethnicity in Modern Malaysia in Its Historical Context and Its Implications for the Church. Narayanaswamy, Paul. Monash University of Birmingham.
[12] The history of the Catholic Church in East Malaysia and Brunei (1880--1976). Rooney, J. University of London.
[13] The diffusion of Christianity among urban Chinese people in diaspora: The case of metropolitan Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. Stone, Wilbur Paul. Asbury Theological Seminary.
[14] Explaining the Crucifixion to Muslims, with Special Reference to Indonesia and Malaysia. Tan, Kim-Sai. Fuller Theological Seminary.
[15] Transformative Worship among the Salakos of Sarawak, Malaysia. Tan, Sooi Ling. Fuller Theological Seminary.
[16] A model of pastoral leadership development in a local church in Malaysia. Tang, Patrick Yeng-Sin, Dallas Theological Seminary.
[17] Diaspora Indians: Church Growth among Indians in West Malaysia. Thomas, Christdoss D. Fuller Theological Seminary.
[18] A Comparison of Tamil and Chinese Lutheran Churches in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Vierow, Duain William. Fuller Theological Seminary.
[19] A Missions Education Program Design for Chinese Christian Churches of Malaysia. Voon, Philip H. Western Conservative Baptist Seminary.
[20] The Church in West Malaysia and Singapore: A Study of the Catholic Church in West Malaysia and Singapore Regarding her Situation as an Indigenous Church. Williams, Kenneth M. Catholic University of Louvain.
[21] Church Structure Issues in Asian Ecumenical Thought: With Particular Reference to Malaysia and Singapore. Yap, Kim Hao. Boston University.
# KOREA - details of the 143 located dissertations, including:
[1] The Anglican Church's missionary work in Korea 1890--1910 as revealed in its missionary magazine 'Morning Calm' Ahn, J.M. University of Wales.
[2] Pioneer American women missionaries to Korea, 1884--1907. Ahn, Katherine Hyunjoo Lee. Fuller Theological Seminary.
� [3] Toward Witness-Oriented Worship in the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK). An, Seung Oh Paul. Fuller Theological Seminary.
[4] The agricultural-rural problems in Korea and some proposals for their solution in the light of the Church's social teaching. Bai, Dominicus M. Pontificia Universita Urbaniana.
[5] A Historical Study of the Role of Pioneer Korean Christians in Beginning the Indigenous Presbyterian Church and in Bible Translation, 1876--1912. Bang, Dong Sub. Reformed Theological Seminary.
# JAPAN - details of the 89 located dissertations, including:
[1] An Elucidation of Soren Kierkegaard's Categories of Communication and Their Application to the Communication of Christian Existence in Japan. Adams, Evyn Merrill. Drew University.
[2] A Record of the Activities of the Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland in Japan, 1900--1946. Aho, Ilma Ruth. University of California, Berkeley.
[3] Social Evangel as Nationalism: A Study of the Salvation Army in Japan, 1895--1940. Baggs, Albert Edward. State University of New York at Buffalo.
[4] Between idolatry and infidelity: The Christian missionary in Japan, 1874--1912: A case study of cross-cultural encounter with special reference to the activities of British missionaries in Japan. Ballhatchet, H.J. University of London.
[5] Education in early Meiji Japan, 1868--1890. Bonnallie, Dorothy A. Claremont Graduate University.
Internet Archive ( [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]
Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (
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06 Dec 2010
Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW)
College of Asia & the Pacific, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
"The Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW or the Centre) is a research institution established [in 2010 - ed.] to enhance The Australian National University's (ANU) existing capabilities and thereby to create an integrated, world-leading institution for Chinese Studies and the understanding of China, or what has been called 'Greater China' or the 'Chinese Commonwealth' (the People's Republic of China, the SARs of Hong Kong and Macao, as well as Taiwan, and the Chinese diaspora), on a global scale. [...]
The Centre is primarily a research body lead by humanities work in collaboration with the social sciences. The brief and vision of the Centre are for it to pursue research, education and outreach activities in innovative ways not achieved by similar institutions. The Centre, its research and activities will also serve the long-term national interest through the pursuit of independent scholarship and thought, and will go beyond a reactive and short-term approach to issues related to the Chinese world and the global presence of China.
The activities of the Centre constitute an addition to the range of China-related research and teaching work being undertaken at the ANU. It complements these activities, and those of the ANU China Institute [] (the umbrella and coordinating body for ANU-specific China work in the schools of the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific [] and university wide). The Centre is not a replacement of or substitute for the already substantial ANU commitment to Chinese Studies. It will, however, draw on ANU expertise in the context of the new Centre's brief."
Site contents:
* Search CIW;
* Director's message;
* Management group;
* Organisation & initial activities (Research, Education, Outreach, Publications, Building, Initial activities);
* Initial research panels & themes (China Time, China Urban, China Texts, China Justice, China Everyday);
* Positions vacant;
* Contact details.
Internet Archive ( [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]
Link reported by: Andrew MacIntyre (, forwarded by
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06 Dec 2010
Cambridge Shahnama Project
Shahnama Centre, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
"This site brings you a comprehensive collection of manuscripts of the Shahnama, the Persian epic 'Book of Kings', completed by the poet Firdausi in AD 1010, together with a display of the miniature paintings in each one. There are currently about 1500 manuscripts and single pages recorded, 18,000 records of paintings, and 12,000 images from all over the world, now accessible with a few clicks of a mouse. It allows you to see and compare all the different depictions of a particular scene in the story, produced over a period of almost 600 years, and to look through the manuscripts held in different collections. [...]
Major exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, till 9 January 2011.
To mark the millennium of the completion of the poem in AD 1010, the Fitzwilliam Museum is currently presenting an exhibition of manuscripts, paintings and other objects associated with the Shahnama. View a virtual exhibition []. The catalogue of the exhibition, which is curated by Dr Barbara Brend, is published by I.B. Tauris (London) under the title, 'Epic of the Persian Kings: The Art of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh'."
Site contents:
* About the Project;
* The Shahnama;
* About the Data (# The database: rationale and contents (Organisation, The Shahnama text, Breaklines, Scene titles, Interpolated epics, Bibliography), # Geographical coverage (Dispersed manuscripts), # The images (Copyright), # Acknowledgements, # Credits (Database design, Website development, Data retrieval), # The future, # An invitation, # Contact details);
* Links [# websites concerning the Shahnama, related works, and their historical context; # websites of the institutions featured in the Archive];
* Events [incl. details of International conference: The Shahnama Millennium Conference, Clare College, Cambridge, 13-15 December 2010];
* View Archive (by Collection [# kind: collections, manuscripts, illustrations, 14Century, 15C, 16C, 17C, 18C, 19C, 20C, no date; # from: Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Turkey, UK, USA, Uzbekistan, destroyed, dispersed mss, private collections, unknown country, unknown location]);
* View Archive (by Chapter [# kind: scenes, illustrations, 14Century, 15C, 16C, 17C, 18C, 19C, 20C, no date; -2- Other epics, -2a- Bahmannama, -2b- Barzunama, -2c- Garshaspnama, -1- Preliminary materials, -1a- Illuminations, -1b- Bindings, -1c- Frontispieces and Finispieces, -1d- Preface, 0 - Introduction, 1 - Kayumars (30 years), 2 - Hushang (40 years), 3 - Tahmuras Div-band (30 years), 4 - Jamshid (700 years), 5 - Zahhak (1000 years), 6 - Faridun (500 years), 7 - Manuchihr (120 years), 8 - Nauzar (7 years), 9 - Zav son of Tahmasp (5 years), 10 - Garshasp (9 years), 11 - Kay Qubad (100 years), 12 - Kay Kavus (150 years), 12b - Kay Kavus fights the King of Hamavaran, 12c - Suhrab, 12d - Siyavush, 12e - Kay Khusrau comes to Iran, 13 - Kay Khusrau (60 years), 13b - Kamus-i Kashani, 13c - Rustam and the Khaqan-i Chin, 13d - Rustam fights Akhvan Div, 13e - Bizhan and Manizha, 13f - The Twelve Rukhs, 13g - The Great War between Kay Khusrau and Afrasiyab, 14 - Luhrasp (120 years), 15 - Gushtasp (120 years), 16 - Bahman son of Isfandiyar (99 years), 17 - Humay (32 years), 18 - Darab (12 years), 19 - Dara son of Darab (14 years), 20 - Iskandar (14 years), 21 - The Ashkanians (200 years), 22 - The Sassanians: Ardashir Babakan (42 years), 22 - Shapur son of Ardashir (31 years), 23 - Urmuzd son of Shapur (1 year, 2 months), 24 - Bahram son of Urmuzd (3 years, 3 months, 3 days), 25 - Bahram son of Bahram (19 years), 26 - Bahram Bahramiyan (4 months), 27 - Narsi son of Bahram (9 years), 28 - Urmuzd son of Narsi (9 years), 29 - Shapur Zul-aktaf (72 years), 30 - Unnamed Chapter, 31 - Ardashir the Good (12 years), 32 - Shapur son of Shapur (5 years, 4 months), 33 - Bahram son of Shapur (14 years), 34 - Yazdagird the Sinner (21 years), 35 - Bahram Gur (1) (63 years), 35b - Bahram Gur (2), 36 - Yazdagird son of Bahram Gur (18 years), 37 - Hurmuz son of Yazdagird (1 year, 1 month), 38 - Piruz son of Yazdagird (11 years, 4 months), 39 - Balash son of Piruz (5 years, 1 month, 6 days), 40 - Qubad son of Piruz (40 years), 41 - Kisra Anushirvan (48 years), 42 - Hurmuzd (14 years), 43 - Khusrau Parviz (38 years), 44 - Qubad son of Parviz (7 months), 45 - Ardashir Shiruy (6 months), 46 - Farayin Guraz (50 days), 47 - Purandukht (6 months), 48 - Azarmdukht (4 months), 49 - Farrukhzad (1 month), 50 - Yazdagird (16 years)]);
* Bibliography;
* Search (simple, advanced);
* Sign in;
* Workbook ["A space for storing images and information in a private work space"].
Internet Archive ( [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]
Link reported by: Iran Heritage Foundation (
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06 Dec 2010
Journal of South Asia Women Studies (JSAWS)
Asiatica Association, Milano, Italy
Supplied note:
"Dear Friends and Colleagues, I am very happy to celebrate the 15th year of IJTS [International Journal of Tantric Studies - ed.] and JSAWS publications with the new issue of the Journal of South Asia Women Studies, vol. 12, no. 1, focusing on Human Rights. [...]
In this [Dec 2010] issue you can read the paper "Victims or Agents? An Issue of Identity Amongst Indian Migrant Women in Australia," by Loshini Naidoo (University of Western Sydney, Australia), and two paper interviews. The paper by Prof. Naidoo attempts to provide an understanding of the challenges that migrant woman, particularly women from the Indian sub-continent, face in cultural identity construction.
The interview paper is titled "An Islamic Feminist: Asya Andrabi and the Dukhtaraan-e-Millat in Kashmir by Francesca Marino (journalist, Director of Stringer Asia). It is based on an interview with Asya Andrabi, the founder and elusive leader of the militant female Islam group Dukhtaraan-e-Millat in Indian Kashmir.
The paper "Afghanistan, Issues at stake and Viable Solutions: An Interview with H.R.H. Princess India of Afghanistan" was written by myself. It is based on an interview with H.R.H. Princess India of Afghanistan, the honorary Cultural Ambassador of Afghanistan to Europe, approved in 2006 by President Hamid Karzai, and one of the founder members of Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation (MTCF). It was made in January 2010.
The paper mostly deals with human rights issues and viable solutions for Afghanistan. It anticipates some of the alleged misconduct of US soldiers revealed over seven months later by Wikileaks.
Please note that the Note from the Editor and the interview with H.R.H. Princess India of Afghanistan are freely available. Enjoy! - Enrica Garzilli."
Self-description: "The purpose of the [electronic - ed.] journal is manyfold. This journal [ISSN 1084-7478] is open to all bona fide scholars in South Asia women studies. We aim to publish our work quickly and democratically. Subjects: law, civil rights, gender issues, religion, philosophy, politics, feminism and ecofeminism, classical and modern literature, poetry, dance, music, drama, language, translations, history, folklore, customs, medicine, architecture, discoveries and cultural or social products by women, etc. The journal is also a platform for dialog on interfaith issues, and for dialog on issues of importance to Asian women. We want to promote an international debate on the subject, and create a channel of communication between science and media, between scholarly production and NGOs activities, and between positive and religious thought and/or ethical thought. We want to publicize the scholarly study of women in terms of human rights. Women Studies, and particularly "Third World" Women Studies, means to be involved in ethical and social issues. Areas of study: India, Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines. The journal includes unpublished articles, abstracts, reviews, and news (such as on published books, on papers, conferences, meetings, events, Ph.D. projects, etc.)."
Site contents
# VOL. 12 NO. 1 DECEMBER 3, 2010
* Pakistan, Burma, India and Human Rights - Editorial Note
* Afghanistan, Issues at stake and Viable Solutions: An Interview with H.R.H. Princess India of Afghanistan - by Enrica Garzilli
* An Islamic Feminist: Asiya Andrabi and the Dukhtaran-e-Millat of Kashmir - by Francesca Marino
* Victims or Agents? An Issue of Identity Amongst Indian Migrant Women in Australia - by Loshini Naidoo
# VOL. 11 NO. 2 JULY 22, 2009
* India General Elections 2009 - Editorial Note
* The Un-slammed Door: The Evolution of Compromise in Sangita Rayamajhi' s All Mothers Are Working Mothers - by Carol C. Davis
* Women Empowerment and Activism in the Indian state of Uttarakhand - by Annpurna Nautiyal
Link reported by: Enrica Garzilli (
Internet Archive*/
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03 Dec 2010
Visualizing Cultures - Image-Driven Scholarship
MIT Visualizing Cultures, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, USA
"What is Visualizing Cultures?
Visualizing Cultures weds images and scholarly commentary in innovative ways to illuminate social and cultural history. Founded in 2002 by MIT Professors John Dower and Shigeru Miyagawa, Visualizing Cultures exploits the unique qualities of the Web as a publishing platform to enable scholars, teachers, and others to: (1) examine large bodies of previously inaccessible images; (2) compose original texts with unlimited numbers of full-color, high-resolution images; and (3) use new technology to explore unprecedented ways of analyzing and presenting images that open windows on modern history. [...]
This website offers a growing number of titles referred to as 'units.' This first, pioneering set of units visualizes diverse aspects of Japan in the modern world. Units in development move into China and beyond. [...] Units [accessible via Icon view and/or Text view - ed.] are generally comprised of four sections:
# Essay
A topical essay written by a Visualizing Cultures scholar and driven by the visuals themselves features full-color images, often enlarged to reveal telling details. Images are isolated and juxtaposed to highlight diverse perspectives and points. Reading images involves asking who the artists are, when they worked, what mediums they used, and how the audiences of the times responded to them.
# Visual Narratives
Graphics dominate the Visual Narratives. Themes from the essay as well as pathways and details within the image collection are explored visually in many different ways—series, close ups, recurring visual motifs, juxtapositions, changing media, and so forth -- with a minimum of text.
# Image Database (Gallery and VCID)
Each unit has a database that features every image in the essay, plus many more. The database generally takes the form of a simple view (Gallery) that enables users to easily scroll through the collection of source images. Some units feature a more complex database (VCID) with a federated search function that hooks directly into museum databases. All databases include at least basic metadata.
# Video and Animation (VCTV)
Visualizing Cultures has more than a hundred short clips that include author commentaries, interviews, tours, animation, and archival source footage. Video is also downloadable for the iPod [...]."

Site contents:
* MIT Visualizing Cultures (About VC, VC Scholars, Partner Institutions, Outreach, Events, Contact VC, Join VC on Facebook, Follow VC on Twitter);
* Rise & Fall of the Canton Trade System I, China in the World (1700-1860s), Essay by Peter C. Perdue;
* Rise & Fall of the Canton Trade System II, Macau & Whampoa Anchorage (1700-1860s), Essay by Peter C. Perdue;
* Rise & Fall of the Canton Trade System III, Canton & Hong Kong (1700-1860s), Essay by Peter C. Perdue;
* Rise & Fall of the Canton Trade System IV, Image Galleries;
* The First Opium War, The Anglo-Chinese War of 1839-1842, by Peter C. Perdue;
* The Opium War in Japanese Eyes, An Illustrated 1849 Story from Overseas, by John W. Dower;
* The Second Opium War [to be available in 2011], The Anglo-Chinese War of 1856-1860, by Peter C. Perdue;
* Black Ships & Samurai, Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan (1853-1854), by John W. Dower;
* Black Ships & Samurai II, Visual Narratives;
* Yokohama Boomtown, Foreigners in Treaty-Port Japan (1859-1872), by John W. Dower;
* Felice Beato's Japan: Places, An Album by the Pioneer Foreign Photographer in Yokohama, Essay by Allen Hockley;
* Felice Beato's Japan: People, An Album by the Pioneer Foreign Photographer in Yokohama, Essay by Allen Hockley;
* Globetrotters' Japan: Places, Foreigners on the Tourist Circuit in Meiji Japan, Essay by Allen Hockley;
* Globetrotters' Japan: People, Foreigners on the Tourist Circuit in Meiji Japan, Essay by Allen Hockley;
* John Thomson's China I, Illustrations of China and Its People, Photo Albums (1873-1874), Essay by Allen Hockley;
* John Thomson's China II, Illustrations of China and Its People, Photo Albums (1873-1874);
* Visual Narratives, John Thomson's China III, Illustrations of China and Its People, Photo Albums (1873-1874);
* Albums & Galleries, Throwing Off Asia I, Woodblock Prints of Domestic 'Westernization' (1868-1912), by John W. Dower;
* Throwing Off Asia II, Woodblock Prints of the Sino-Japanese War (1894-95), by John W. Dower;
* Throwing Off Asia III, Woodblock Prints of the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05), by John W. Dower;
* Asia Rising, Japanese Postcards of the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05), by John W. Dower;
* Yellow Promise, Foreign Postcards of the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05), by John W. Dower;
* Selling Shiseido I, Cosmetics Advertising & Design in Early 20th-Century Japan, Essay by Gennifer Weisenfeld;
* Selling Shiseido II, Cosmetics Advertising & Design in Early 20th-Century Japan, Visual Narratives;
* Selling Shiseido III, Cosmetics Advertising & Design in Early 20th-Century Japan, Image Galleries;
* Tokyo Modern I, Koizumi Kishio's '100 Views' of the Imperial Capital (1928-1940), Essay by James T. Ulak;
* Tokyo Modern II, Koizumi Kishio's '100 Views', Annotations & Gallery;
* Tokyo Modern III, '100 Views' by 8 Artists (1928-1932), Image Galleries;
* Ground Zero 1945, Pictures by Atomic Bomb Survivors, Essay by John W. Dower;
* Ground Zero 1945: A Schoolboy's Story, Testimony of Akihiro Takahashi, Illustrations by Goro Shikoku.
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02 Dec 2010
Why Japan? 10 Advantages to Investing in Japan
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Tokyo, Japan
Supplied note:
"Japan's economy [...] is mainly based on services, which constitute two thirds of GDP, with banking, insurance, real estate, retailing, transportation and telecommunications accounting for the largest part. The industrial sector is diversified and contributes nearly 30% to GDP. [...] Agriculture, which is heavily subsidized, accounts for 5% of GDP. For more information about the structure of the Japanese economy consult the Regional Economic Report of the Bank of Japan [].
Japan's main product exports are cars, ships, electronic devices and computers, while its most important imports are raw materials such as oil, coal, foodstuff and wood. Its most important trade partners are China (main supplier) and the USA (main customer), followed by South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Australia. [...] For more information, consult Foreign Trade Statistics on the Ministry of Finance Website []. - FITA's Really Useful Resources."
"Japan is the center of new trends and creativity and is a coveted testing ground for new products. A survey of foreign-affiliated firms in Japan conducted by JETRO in early 2008 indicated that one in five of these companies sees Japan as a center for research and development and as a base for business activities in Asia. Today, increasing numbers of companies around the world are partnering with Japanese companies to develop products and services, create innovative technologies, and conduct R&D; projects. [...]."
Site contents:
* Investing in Japan (Investment News, Support and Services, Regional Information, Success Stories, How to Set Up Business in Japan, Attractive Sectors, Directory for Doing Business in Japan, Reports & Pamphlets, Q&A;);
* Why Japan? 10 Advantages to Investing in Japan (1. Japan - A Market of Enormous Potential [GDP comparison of Japan with other major economic regions (US$ billion, 2007], 2. Sophisticated Consumers with High Purchasing Power and Discerning Tastes, 3. Promising Markets and Industries [Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Medical & Health Care, Automotive Parts, Environment-related Market:- Statistics, Charts and Commentaries], 4. Home of the World's Top Companies, 5. SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises] Possess Unique Technologies, 6. Innovation Ushering in the Future, 7. A Gateway to the Asian Market, 8. Foreign Companies Expanding Business in Japan, 9. Mature Investment Infrastructure, 10. A Secure, Comfortable Living Environment);
* JETRO - Cool Japan (Japanese Food, Japanese Fashion, Japanese Design, Japanese Entertainment)
* JETRO - Business Opportunities (Business Matching Database (TTPP), Online Trade Fair Database (J-messe), Japanese Govemment Procurement);
* JETRO - Reports and Statistics (Market Reports, Standards and Regulations, Survey Reports, Japanese Trade and Investment Statistics, JETRO White Paper);
* JETRO - About us;
* Search.
[A multi-lingual (JP, EN, CN, KR, DE, FR) website - ed.]
["JETRO, or the Japan External Trade Organization, is a government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Originally established in 1958 to promote Japanese exports abroad, JETRO's core focus in the 21st century has shifted toward promoting foreign direct investment into Japan and helping small to medium size Japanese firms maximize their global export potential." - ed.]
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02 Dec 2010
Politics, Public Opinion, and the U.S.-Indonesian Comprehensive Partnership
The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), Seattle, WA, USA
Supplied note:
"NBR just released a new report on U.S.-Indonesia relations. The report will be free to download [a 2.3 MB strong PDF file - ed.] for the next two months so I wanted to pass along the information in case it would be useful for Monitor readers. A summary and a link to the report are below. - Tracy Timmons-Gray.
This essay discusses the U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership with respect to Indonesian public opinion and the challenges of political accountability in Indonesia's young democracy.
The U.S.-Indonesian Comprehensive Partnership will be an important tool for realizing U.S. national interests in Southeast Asia and the Muslim world. To do so, though, the partnership must appeal to the Indonesian public, something that existing policy has failed to do. Despite the fact that Indonesian public opinion has not been sympathetic to the United States in recent years, this essay shows that Indonesians' preferences align in important ways with U.S. interests. That public is represented, however, by a democratically elected government that falls woefully short in various measures of accountability and good governance. The main priority for U.S. policymakers must be to strengthen Indonesia's democratic institutions to create a truly accountable political system. Such a political system will better promote the realization of common U.S.-Indonesian interests.
The U.S. can take advantage of President Obama's personal popularity among Indonesians to strengthen relations between these two democracies. If the U.S. understands that the Indonesian public prioritizes clean and effective governance, and is on the whole favorable to moderate politics, democracy, and international economic integration, then these can become a new platform for U.S.-Indonesian bilateral relations. If U.S. policymakers prioritize the strengthening of domestic political accountability within Indonesia, this will increase the likelihood that the U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership will yield tangible results that benefit both countries."
"NBR Reports (Dec 2010), Politics, Public Opinion, and the U.S.-Indonesian Comprehensive Partnership, [by] Thomas B. Pepinsky, 28 pp | $8.95 (Free through 1/31/11), In light of President Obama's November 2010 visit to Indonesia, this NBR Special Report discusses the United States-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership and the opportunities to strengthen U.S. relations with Indonesia. Based on his work as a Research Fellow with NBR's National Asia Research Program, Thomas B. Pepinsky evaluates Indonesian public opinion and the challenges of engendering political accountability in this young democracy."
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01 Dec 2010
Online Ranking of the Asian Studies Organizations (ORASO)
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
"'Online Ranking of the Asian Studies Organizations: a quarterly scorecard (ORASO).' This document [est. Oct 2008 and edited by T. Matthew Ciolek, as a part of the 'Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library' (] is updated four times a year (March, June, September and December). It systematically monitors and collects information about the relative online rank (i.e. the so called 'PageRank' []) of the top 30 Asian Studies' institutions, organizations, specialist information resources, and research networks indexed by the Google Search Engine [].
The PageRank of a given web address measures the site's relative importance within the world-wide archipelago of other web sites dealing with a given topic. The lower the PageRank, the greater is the deemed importance or relevance of the indexed site."
Site contents:
[Google page ranks averaged over the ten sampling periods during the last 28 months, i.e. September 2008 till December 2010 by]:
* PageRank: 1.5 - Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library [] - an information resource.
* PageRank: 1.6 - Association for Asian Studies (AAS) [] - an association.
* PageRank: 4.0 - Department of Asian Studies - Cornell University [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 7.8 - Department of Asian Studies - University of North Carolina [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 10.1 - Asian Studies | The WWW Virtual Library [] - an information resource.
* PageRank: 10.4 - Department of Asian Studies - University of British Columbia [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 11.3 - Asian Studies Center (ASC) - University of Pittsburgh [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 12.0 - Asian Studies Program - La Trobe University [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 14.5 - Asian Studies Center - Michigan State University [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 15.2 - International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) [] - a research institute.
* PageRank: 15.9 - Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS) - University of California [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 16.2 - Chao Center for Asian Studies - Rice University [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 16.3 - School of Asian Studies - University of Auckland [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 20.1 - Faculty of Asian Studies: web site 1 - Australian National University [ (the same site as [ , with a rank that is several notches less prominent)] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 20.9 - Asian Studies Program - University of Florida [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 21.0 - Asian studies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [] - an information resource.
* PageRank: 25.8 - Asian Studies - University of Oregon [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 26.0 - Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) [] - a research institute.
* PageRank: 26.1 - Asian Studies WWW Monitor e-journal [] - an information resource.
* PageRank: 26.8 - Asian Studies Network Information Center (ASNIC) - University of Texas at Austin [] - an academic body.
* PageRank: 27.6 - Asian Studies - University of Western Australia [] - an academic body.
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Copyright (c) 2010 by T. Matthew Ciolek
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