If we were to choose one thing that anime can do better than any live action movie, it’s fight Scenes!

Limited only to the creators imagination, the possibilities are truly endless, leaving live action feature struggling to complete, unlikely to match the awesome style that you get from a top class anime fight.

Here at Anime Central, we’ve picked five of our favourite fight scenes from various anime. Beware though, there are a few spoilers below, so if you haven’t seen a particular entry, tread very carefully…

    5. Jubei VS Gemma (NINJA SCROLL)

The final battle in the Ninja Scroll movie impresses, particularly with it’s kinetic, beautiful drawn animation.

Set on a burning ship full of gold, characters Jubei and Gemma indulge in a truly brutal brawl, complicated by the fact the immortal Gemma just won’t die; re-attaching severed arms, and rearranging a broken face.

It takes a flow of molten gold to finally stop him, as it engulfs and paralyzes his immortal body, forced to live the rest of his days gold plated at the bottom of the sea.

Gemma gets the prize for most blinged out defeat in an anime!


Kenshiro finally faces off with his bad-ass older brother Raoh, after dispatching a collection of post apocalyptic nasties in a multitude of gruesome ways.  He has finally met his match, and an epic battle ensues as the city collapses around them.

It’s a close fight in the end.  Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on your point of view) nobody gets killed as the fight is stopped by a little girl.

This fight sequence gets points just for the fact that Raoh spends part of it battling Ken on horseback, as well as the quite ridiculous amounts of blood. A classic fight scene but definitely not one for the faint of heart.


Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie is full of great fight scenes, but the opening fight pitting Ryu and Sagat against each other gets our pick -- truly one of the greatest openings to any anime, especially for diehard Street Fighter fanboys.

Released on video before the days of the internet, fans were concerned of a repeat of the live-action Street Fighter abomination starring the Mussels from Brussels and Raul Julia in his last film role (oh dear!). 

Thankfully, to our collective relief, the tiny glimpses of the two fighters going at it in the dark,  gradually revealed we were in for something special.

In terms of fan service, this intro has to rank up there as one of the greats.  The fight between Ryu and Sagat was a legendary moment among Street Fighter fans, and seeing it in such glorious animation was a real treat.  We see Ryu perform the famous Dragon Punch that creates the trademark scar on Sagat’s chest, followed by a charged up Super Hadouken shown in the style of the Super Street Fighter II videogame.

Fanboys all over the country were collectively wetting themselves with glee, truly served.

    2. Rock Lee VS Gaara (NARUTO)

This multi episode fight had it all; Action, comedy, drama and a tragic ending.

Recently introduced characters Rock Lee from The Village of the Leaf, and Gaara from The Village of Sand must fight in order to advance in the Chunin exams.

With neither having been seen in a proper fight, no one could’ve expected such an incredible face-off with Lee’s super speed versus Garaa’s absolute defence providing some great set-pieces and historic moments (Who could forget the part with the leg weights?)

And just when you thought it was all over... We won’t spoil the end for you if you haven’t seen it, but trust us you’ll be welling up, it’s so moving *sniff*.

    1. Goku VS Frieza (DRAGONBALL Z)

Fights don’t get much more epic than this one!

Dragonball Z, forever adept at filling multiple episodes with not very much at all, really outdone itself with the build up to what we were all waiting for; Goku VS Frieza.  Man, how long did it actually take for Goku to get to Planet Namek?  And when he finally arrived, we had to wait until the Ginyu squad were dealt with.

Multiple Frieza transformations and character deaths later, we finally we got to the good stuff. Goku facing off with the strongest being in the galaxy. 

Following the death of his best friend at the hands of Frieza, viewers witnessed a seminal moment in anime history as Goku goes Super Sayian!  Both characters are pushed to the limits of their ability in a fight so brutal that the world itself gets destroyed in the process.

Talk about collateral damage!

Disagree with our list? Think your list of favourites destroys ours for awesomeness? Then tell us in the forums!

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