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December 13th
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Blunder in Metro operator bid

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Train operator DSB is back in the running to operate the city’s Metro system after a complaint over bidding procedures

The bidding for the right to operate the city’s Metro transport system will have to begin again after the state and city-owned Metroselskabet committed a procedural error that means the bidding procedure will have to be restarted, resulting in extra cost and delays.

One of the bidders filed an official complaint over the bidding process against Metroselskabet, which is responsible for the building and maintenance of the Metro system.

Although the company would not comment on what the specific error was, Jyllands-Posten newspaper believes it was the failure to include national rail service DSB’s metro operation subsidiary as one of the final five bidders on the estimated 2 billion kroner contract.

DSB was originally dismissed during initial bidding considerations but will now be part of the rescheduled bidding process.

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