Review: Jonezetta – Cruel To Be Young


Jonezetta - Cruel To Be So Young

Jonezetta - Cruel To Be So Young



All I kept hearing about Jonezetta’s follow up to “Popularity” is that they were no longer the dance rock that we all grew to love two years ago.  To tell you the truth, I almost believed them, until it hit me that they were all wrong.  It isn’t that their sound hasn’t changed, oh it has, but it is still dance music, but more of the kind of dancing you might imagine in those old black and white movies that they tell me are good for me to watch.  Look at the cover (and if you are smart enough to buy this disk, look at the insert). It looks simple, but it fits so well with the music as it just has that feel of yesteryear, bringing us back in time. (more after the jump)

So, does Jonezetta really sound that different?  Really, they just sound like a slowed down version of their past selves.  Yes, they have lost some of the faster paced songs, with their catchier lyrics that make you want to throw a house party, but the music is done even better than before (with a different feel).

I think one of the hardest things about the album is that it does take several times before you really get a feel for the music and what they are trying to do.  Don’t give up on this so easily.  I heard so many people say something to the tune of “I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it”, when they really should have just confessed that they weren’t used to it.  The new Jonezetta is like going for a swim in the pool, when you’re not sure if it is going to be too cold.  You want to just put your toes in, but that just makes you feel the cold, when you really need to just cannonball right into these tunes and get it over with so that you can have fun.

Besides, if you know what is good for you, you already own “Popularity”, you don’t need two copies.

If you are looking for spiritual content, well, dig.  There is some interesting stuff in there, but it is hardly overt, and I am sure that is intentional.  Sometimes you have to make music your own.  I suggest you own Cruel To Be Young.

Song that I’ll always love: Holding onto you

Lyrics that I’m glad found the page: “Run my finger down the window/ paint a picture/it is so cold, lonely in Idaho/turn on late night blue light, hotels, early flights, and I don’t know/ everything, everything is gonna change for the good”

Recommended if: you like grooving to songs that you think make sense, but you’re not totally sure.

Not Recommended if: you are looking to throw a house party while the folks are out of town.

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