A Chanel brand inspired car concept has been created. The reveal is of the Fiole.  This is a case of art imitates life !

A female car designer from South Korea – Ms Jinyoung Jo – crafted a proposed luxury sports car inspired by a combination of art deco design, futuristic architecture, and the French fashion brand’s trademark of contrasting black and white.

Ms Jinyoung Jo is a student at Hongik University.  This private institution of higher education is located in Seoul and is considered the most famous school of Fine Arts and Design in Korea.

The college has 11 departments that include; Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Metal Art & Design, Wood & Furniture design, Fine Arts, Oriental Painting, Fiber Arts, Sculpture, Ceramic, Printmaking and Art Science. The Industrial Design department includes 4 majors; Transportation, Product, Environmental and Interior Design.

The Fiole concept was born from Ms Jinyoung Jo’s vision as her contribution to the student’s Degree Show.

Other young designers typically create for an existing car brand.  This innovative lady did a marvelous job.  Truly – out of the box.

What a beautiful and elegant car !

The Fiole is a fictional concept car – sit back in your seats….enjoy the video ride.

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