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Lori Henderson

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B.O.D.Y. Volume 2 (Ao Mimori)

Viz Media

B.O.D.Y. Volume

Age Rating: Older Teen
Genre: Romance
Price: $8.99

Dear Valentine, You give me my first stolen kiss, but something clearly is amiss.  You ex-GF seems awful pissed... 
You promise to quite your job for me!  That together we will finally be!  But you can't leave due to cruel fate- (your boss, actually)... 
Be Mine!

I wasn't impressed with this series from the first chapter that ran in Shojo Beat, and after reading this volume nothing has changed.   It's needlessly melodramatic, the characters are not interesting, and the situations are cliche.

The volume starts out with Ryoko being kidnapped by one of Ryunosuke's former clients to try and force him to be with her instead.  Then she has him kiss her in front of Ryoko to make her jealous and leave him.  This whole part was filled with melodrama, with Ryoko's hands even being tied.  And of course, Ryoko completely falls for it, pushing Ryunosuke away, so that they do break up, so there can be more melodrama with Ryoko agonizing over not being near Ryunosuke. 

After the inevitable reunion, Ryoko gets talked into trying to be host so Ryunosuke can quit his job.  Of course his boss doesn't want to let him go.  He makes the club so much money.  Everything in this volume is just boring and predictable.  You just knew that Ryoko would instantly accept Jin's challenge.  She has to prove him wrong, as well as try and help Ryunosuke, even if her help only makes things worse.  Where else will future plot devices come from?

What makes this whole thing worse, is that the characters are as boring as the situations.  Ryoko is such a typical, whiny shojo heroine.  And Ryunosuke has to be soooo good that former clients will commit crimes to get him back, and his boss won't let him go because he makes him 1 million yen a month.  There is absolutely nothing about either of these characters that makes them different from all the other high school shojo, or even make anyone care about them.

B.O.D.Y. is just a string of cliches barely held together by a pair of boring characters.  There is much better shojo out there worth spending your money on than this.


Summing Up:

Boring character and cliche situations make this a title to pass up.

Contact Information:

Viz Media - Shojo Beat


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