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>Thursday 13 – Halloween projects for dolls and dollhouses

>Thursday 13 – free Easter toy patterns

>Thursday 13 – free Mama doll and stuffed animal patterns

>Thursday 13 – Cabbage Patch doll patterns & crafts

>Thursday 13 – Sock Monkeys

>Thursday 13 – Sock Toys and Dolls


>knit mohair jacket pattern

>knit cardigan and tie-on cap

>knit yoke cardigan and stocking cap

>knit rhinestone dress

>knit sequin dress

>matching sequin jacket

>bridal ensemble

>crochet pantsuit

>crochet belted dress

>crochet shell stitch dress

>Barbie’s cozy kitchen

>Barbie’s retro dining room

>Barbie’s bedroom

>Barbie patio furniture

Holiday Toys and Dolls


>sock bunny


>crochet witch doll

>crochet pumpkin doll

Making Costumes of Crepe Paper

>general directions for crepe paper costumes

>rose, poppy, violet and daisy costume

>crepe paper rose costume

>lily, sweet pea and jonquil costume

>crepe paper costumes – fancy slipovers

>crepe paper rosebud and tulip costumes

>crepe paper costumes of the four seasons

>crepe paper colleen, easter bunny, queen of hearts costumes

>crepe paper costumes of the elements

>crepe paper pumpkin, corn and carrot costumes

>crepe paper wings for costumes

>crepe paper wands and crowns for costumes

>crepe paper bird, butterfly, bee costumes

>crepe paper parrot, peacock costume

>crepe paper cupid, evening star, jack of diamonds, fledgling costume

>crepe paper bird’s nest, butterfly, rooster costume


>a baby rag doll

>a dress for your rag doll

>clothes for your rag doll – panties, slip, shoes

>a face and hair for your rag doll

>make a rag doll

>make dolls for your dollhouse

>make a dollhouse bride

>a groom for your dollhouse bride

>doll children for your dollhouse

>ping pong patsy doll

>walnut and egg dolls – part one

>walnut and egg dolls- part two

>make a pieces doll

>make a clothespin doll

>cotton dollhouse baby

>make Bonnie, a modeled rag doll

>make clothes for Bonnie

Paper Dolls

>make vintage sculpted paper dolls

>free Betsy McCall paperdoll

>make a string of dressed paperdolls

Doll Clothes

>crochet matching dresses for a girl and her doll

>knit baby doll skirt, slacks, headband

>knit baby doll pullover sweater

>knit baby doll cardigan sweater

>knit baby doll dress, bonnet and booties

>vintage crochet for 7 -8 inch dolls

>bridal ensemble in 4 sizes

>Virginia Lakin’s gypsy girl

>vintage 1915 knit doll jersey

>vintage 1915 knit baby doll coat and bonnet

>dollhouse baby cap

>dollhouse baby shawl and carriage blanket

>dollhouse baby jacket

Doll Houses and Doll Furniture

>paper box furniture

>paper box doll furniture – materials and how to use them

>paper box doll furniture – a bed

>paper box doll furniture – a cosy divan

>paper box doll furnitue – the dining table

>paper box doll furniture – dining chair

>paper box doll furniture – a dresser

>paper box doll furniture – a bookcase

>paper box doll furniture – a writing desk

>paper box doll furniture – a morris chair

>paper box doll furniture – the library table

>paper box doll furniture – a stove

>make dolls for your dollhouse

>make a dollhouse bride

>a groom for your dollhouse bride

>tables made from odds and ends

>sofa and chairs made from odds and ends

>Barbie’s cozy kitchen

>Barbie’s retro dining room

> a clothespin doll chair

> a clothespin doll bed

>a clothespin doll buffet

> a clothespin coffee table and lamp


>knit doll’s bedspread

>cotton dollhouse baby

Sock Toys

>sock lamb

>sock penguin

>sock monkey links

>sock frog

>sock cat

>sock spaniel

>sock toy and doll links

>sock polar bear

>sock koala bear

Teddy Bears

>knit Teddy a special Sunday Dress

>knit Teddy red hooded coat

>knit Teddy cap and scarf set

>knit Teddy fair isle sweater

Spool Knitting

>learn Spool Knitting

>spool knitting projects – a circular mat, baby’s ball, doll’s muff


>spool knitting projects – doll’s collarette, doll’s tam o’ shanter cap

>spool knitting projects – child’s toboggan cap, slippers and small mittens

>spool knitting projects – doll’s hood and jacket

>spool knitting projects – bootees

>spool knitting- Little Boy Blue doll

>spool knitting – Little Red Riding Hood

>spool knitting – doll’s skirt

>spool knitting – a little boy’s hat, a child’s muffler

>spool knitting – a child’s hood, a girl’s hat

>spool knitting – a doll’s sweater

>spool knitting – wristlets and a shoulder shawl

>spool knitting – a doll’s carriage robe


>Basic puppet hands and body pattern

> Miss Muffet and Spider puppet

>Goldilocks puppet

>Three Bears puppets

>Robert Robot puppet

>Dragon, Dog and Crow sock puppets

>animated puppets – a jester, harlequin and bear

>easy puppet heads

>make a puppet show stage

>quick papier mache puppet heads

>Little Red Riding Hood and Friends puppets

>puppet heads – modeling in plasticine

>create a Punch and Judy puppet show

>more Punch and Judy show characters

> make a portable scrim stage for your puppet show

>dusty rodent – cast puppet heads from plastic wood

>bird McDermitt – part one – make a shim cast mold

>bird McDermitt – part two – cast in paper mache

>Kitty Klondie – making movable eyes

>Flak J. Frog – casting in latex

>A Talking Storybook

>Yankee Panky Bear

>Mama and Baby Kangaroo

>Finger Puppets – Pirouette, Pietre and Hilda

>Rod Puppets – Suzume San the Princess

>Rod Puppets – Suzuaae San the Sparrow


>crochet happy face rug

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