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We have conflicting experiences here. Some of us needed to supply the library with our thesis before we could get a library card (they actually said they wanted 2 copies, but only accepted 1). Others didn't need to do this. There is no need to give a fancy copy: they did except a simple printout. (Ying helped with this when it was needed.)

University Registration


If you are teaching a course for undergraduate students, the course will be organized by the Computer Science department. These courses are generally held in one of the Teaching Buildings of Tsinghua University. The classrooms are equipped with blackboards, computers and projectors. There will even be a janitor who comes in during the break to clean your blackboard for you! The classes have 5 minute breaks every 45 minutes, which are announced by a bell.

If you are teaching a course for graduate students, the course will be organized by iTcs. The lectures are generally held in the FIT building (for example room 1-222).

Tsinghua has a teaching website where you can upload homework assignment, grades etc. If you have taught a course in previous semester, you should be able to find your course evaluations by logging on at

Regulations regarding Reimbursements, Traveling, Receiving Visitors etc

(Disclaimer: This information is not official, it is just a guide with pointers to official sources.)

The regulations are currently in flux. A first rule (and a very strict one) is that you need to have an acknowledgment of support by ITCS grants in your paper in order to get travel support to go to conferences. To visit universities or institutes, you need to get an official invitation from the places you intend to visit. Ask Yuying or Amy for details. This page now contains the required forms and guidelines from official sources.

If your travel support is approved, you can ask Yuying to book your flight tickets for you. You do need to book your hotel yourself; you get reimbursed after you come back. Expenses for food are not covered by iTcs. Reimbursement request form. All reimbursements from ITCS office are paid in RMB irrespective of which currency the receipt mentions (which is usually same as the currency in which the payment was done).