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East Asia: the context for student ministry

East Asia faces the challenging contrasts of Buddhism, Communism, Islam, and Consumerism. It includes one of the world’s leading missionary-sending churches (South Korean) yet is home to countries where the persecution of believers is a terrible reality.


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...mission must not only proclaim the gospel verbally, but also demonstrate it through social engagement

'One of the characteristics of Perkantas (the IFES student movement in Indonesia) is our holistic approach to mission,' writes Victor, an Indonesian student. 'We believe that mission must not only proclaim the gospel verbally, but also demonstrate it through social engagement. This is very important in Indonesia, where poverty, corruption and illiteracy are abundant. These kinds of situations are a serious call for every Christian student to fight, not only spiritual evil, but all kinds of evil.'

These themes came across strongly in the recent Perkantas National Student Conference 2010, Let Your People Shine Your Light. Nearly a thousand students and alumni from across Indonesia were challenged to consider their response to Christ's call on the whole of our lives.

Irving, another student who attended this event, commented on his experience: 'In a week, God really changed my life and my identity as a child of God and of the nation. I became aware that my own and my country's condition fall short of his standards. God's word, testimonies, friends' stories, and alumni's examples really strengthened me to take new commitments in life.'

As the students looked forward to life after graduation, many committed themselves to become professionals who had compassion for the needy. But these are students who are already devoting their current lives to bringing change.

In Jakarta, students recently held an opinion-writing tutorial to develop their ability to influence people through mass media. In Pekanbaru, they are now cooperating with an non-governmental organisation (NGO) in order to develop a ministry toward children living on the streets. In Bandung, they are holding regular meetings to discuss current issues from a biblical perspective in order to sharpen their sensitivity to societal problems around them.

'This is our hope,' continues Victor. 'Our hope of a better Indonesia. Our hope of God's transformational, redemptive work, through the lives and the hands of these students who are crying out a single solemn prayer, "Let your people shine your light".'

Give thanks with us for the vision of the movement in Indonesia to be shining lights for God's kingdom, both in word and in deed. Pray for IFES movements all over the world to catch this vision to make an impact on the whole person, on the whole of society, for the glory of God.

Students are at the centre of our vision.

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