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North America: the context for student ministry

Challenges to campus-based ministry from increasingly secular college administrations are a growing trend across the region. Those who fear political incorrectness are trying to silence Christian students. But God is at work, using North American students to reach others with the gospel, both in their own countries and beyond.


fishing for frosh

Just before his first semester started at university, Scott scanned a flyer sent out by the student union. It told him about all the crazy drinking events for frosh (first-year students). But the events were expensive, and he wasn't keen on getting drunk.

Then, says Scott, 'I saw a small half-page ad for something called Fish Frosh for Christians… it was free, so I went.'

Making the choice to attend this event hosted by Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (the IFES movement in Canada for English speakers) set the direction for Scott's university life. 'When I got to Fish Frosh that Friday evening, there were the first real friends I made in Montreal. Some of the people I met that night are still great friends of mine today.'

This year, three years after his first Fish Frosh, Scott signed up for his second time as student coordinator for the event. 'Scott came to Fish Frosh, connected with us and stayed connected,' says the local staff worker, Peter.

'We get a lot of nonbelievers, partly because there is no drinking of alcohol at Fish Frosh. Frosh week is already underway and students have already experienced a lot of drinking. They might not want that, whether they are Christians or not.'

One of the highlights for many students is communal meal that is part of the Fish Frosh. Students shop for food and cook together, then bring their meals to a church to eat as one big group.

One benefit of Fish Frosh, says Peter, is it gives new students multiple opportunities over several days to meet friends. 'Sometimes it takes people two or more events to really connect.'

Give thanks for the creative outreach events that Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship hosts across the country. Pray that Christians will be drawn into communities where they can be discipled, and that non-Christians will see the love of God expressed through these events and want to follow Jesus.

Pray for IFES movements all over the world, that they will be eager to find imaginative ways to befriend non-Christians, and that in word and deed the gospel will be proclaimed.

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