International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

one day: IFES World Student Day, 5 November 2010

As the sun rose on 7 November 2008 in Tonga in the South Pacific, IFES students, staff and supporters started to pray for student ministry around the world. Prayers for IFES work continued for 48 hours until the end of 7 November in Samoa, the other side of the international date line.

...together we are united in our prayer to see God working through vibrant national movements in every university

In Spain, students organized doing an all night prayer chain. In the morning they had an international breakfast, serving food from the countries of student movements that they had prayed for.

In London, United Kingdom, the student Christian Unions held a prayer meeting on the evening of 7 November and forty people gathered to pray for IFES movements around the world. They also collected money for an IFES emergency appeal for student ministry in areas of conflict.

The IFES movement in Nicaragua (CECNIC) prayed for students in Slovakia. Students from France prayed for students in New Zealand. Students in India, South America and Africa also organized 24-hour prayer chains.

Join us to celebrate this year's IFES World Student Day on Friday 5 November 2010 and tell us how we can be praying for students in your country.

Students are at the centre of our vision.

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Our achievements to date have been made possible, under God, through the support of people like you. Your help enables us to continue to move this inspiring vision forward.

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