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The original score soundtrack to the all new feature DVD film from DC Universe and Warner Bros. Animation, BATMAN: GOTHMAN KNIGHT. This thrilling anime-inspired film consists of six spellbinding tales from diverse creators, including BATMAN BEGINS screenwriter David S. Goyer, that are directed by some of Japan’s most acclaimed anime filmmakers. Composers Christopher Drake (HELLBOY ANIMATED FEATURES), Robert J. Kral, (SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY, ANGEL) and Kevin Manthei (JUSTICE LEAGUE: NEW FRONTIER) bring these complex stories to life with a thrilling, emotionally-charged score that probes the depths of BATMAN’S tortured soul.



HAVE I GOT A STORY FOR YOU - Christopher Drake

  1. Main Titles / Intro / Interlude / Punk Skater / Trouble At The Dock (2:28)
  2. Living Shadow / Living Shadow Finale (1:45)
  3. Skater Girl / Trouble In the City (0:50)
  4. Batmonster Appears / Batmonster Do-Over / Batmonster Finale (2:18)
  5. Rooftop Robbery / Robobat (1:44)
  6. Have I Got A Story For You Finale (1:35)

    CROSSFIRE - Kevin Manthei

  7. Crossfire (4:49)
  8. Inferno (5:48)

    FIELD TEST - Robert J. Kral

  9. New Device (1:22)
  10. Trigger A Device / As Good As Your Drive (1:10)
  11. A Russian In His Grave / It Works Too Well (3:53)

    IN DARKNESS DWELLS - Christopher Drake

  12. In Darkness Dwells Intro (1:00)
  13. Gordon’s Cannibal / Ghost Station (3:00)
  14. Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis (0:43)
  15. Killer Croc / Hallucinations / Scarecrow Interrupted (3:19)
  16. Escape And End (1:45)

    WORKING THROUGH PAIN - Kevin Manthei

  17. Working Through Pain / The Fall (1:46)
  18. Bazaar (0:26)
  19. There Is Another / Training (2:46)
  20. Rejected And Despised (1:30)
  21. Painless Fight/ I Can’t (3:23)

    DEADSHOT - Robert J. Kral

  22. Parents Killed (0:54)
  23. Gun Attraction / Park Killing (1:26)
  24. Gordon / Batman / The Train (6:14)
  25. His Life’s Quest (0:56)

  26. BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHT End Credits Suite (5:02)
    Total Running Time (63:10)

LLLCD 1074


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