"Imagine if David Lynch had discovered a time machine with the dial stuck on 1950 and decided to send a Soho nightclub back through it. Then listen to Sweet Tooth. Led by the striking presence and pipes of Fleurtini, Sweet Tooth sound like the soundtrack to 'Mulholland Drive' fed through the slink-o-meter and set to 'caress'."
Big Cheese magazine

Sweet Tooth are a London-based duo consisting of chanteuse Fleurtini and producer Gavin Hammond. Their sound is an elegant but lethal cocktail of film-noir jazz, underground electronica and retro guitar pop.

Without missing a beat, they combine electro-swing, 1950s lounge, Brixton dub, Hollywood glamour, comic book culture, kitsch sci-fi soundtracks and East London alternative rock.

For more info check sweettoothmusic.co.uk

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