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Section 8: Prejudice Will Be A Digital-Exclusive $15 Release31

TimeGate don't need no GameStop.

Giant Bomb Mailbag: Screaming Cheese Edition224

Happy holidays from Poland!

Here's Fallout: New Vegas' DLC Dead Money38

That's one dapper ghoul you've got there.

Quick Look: X-Men106

The old games/Paul Barnett streak continues with this classic arcade brawler.

Mindjackers, Meet The Mindjackees21

No, I didn't say Mindjackée, though that would make this a much better trailer.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Pushed Back76

And one of the biggest titles of Q1 2011 gets the heck out of Q1 2011.

Quick Look: Quake Arena Arcade115

Jeff, Ryan, and Paul see if they can rekindle the Quake magic with a controller.

Quick Look: Game Room for 12/15/10133

Jeff, Ryan, and special guest Paul Barnett take this opportunity to reflect on Game Room.

Quick Look EX: Bejeweled 3162

Ryan and PopCap's own Jeff Green hop in their sensory deprivation tank and prepare to match.

Here's an Audi E7 in Test Drive Unlimited 235

Driving fancy cars around tropical islands seems like a pretty good time to me.

This is Some Next Level Puzzling (PC)

Bejeweled 3 may seem entirely pointless to you. When I first saw the title advertised on Steam, I could hear my own misgivings ringing in my head. After all these sequels, Puzzle Quest, browser-based rip-off's and the fact you could probably install Bejeweled on your pet dog at this point, I ...

Reviewed by Kill on Dec. 12, 2010
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  • 9 Adapted AdaptationsHere's a clue

    Hollywood makes a hit. Sometimes even a licensed game at the same time. Years later they decide to revamp the franchise by making a new game. They're usually not very good. Find some of the bigger names.

  • 10 Board Room MandatesHere's a clue

    Make a popular soda pop? Well then why the hell not make a video game about it!? Find some crazy branded games where you play as that company's mascot.

  • 11 Unlucky LocalesHere's a clue

    Some places in the video game universe shouldn't expect any visit from Santa this year. Mainly because Santa doesn't want to die.

  • 8 Games Found WantingHere's a clue

    This Quest Will launch December 17th.

  • 7 Pitiful PlatformsHere's a clue

    This Quest Will launch December 18th.

  • 6 Non-Explosives SplodingHere's a clue

    This Quest Will launch December 19th.

  • 5 Box Art Face OffsHere's a clue

    This Quest Will launch December 20th.

  • 4 Bestial Lead MenHere's a clue

    This Quest Will launch December 21st.

  • 3 Celebrities BettingHere's a clue

    This Quest Will launch December 22nd.

  • 2 Heroic VoicesHere's a clue

    This Quest Will launch December 23rd.

  • And a Man Who Should Not Be Making FilmsHere's a clue

    This Quest Will launch December 24th.

  • 12 Xtremely Named DS GamezHere's a clue

    Using an S for plurals is old school. These DS games replaced the S with a Z and never looked back. And we're pretty sure none of you will be wanting these games for Christmas. Well, we hope.

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Jeff 4 hours, 53 minutes ago
Was thinking about changing things up for 2011... but instead I ordered some more Adidas jackets.
willsmith 7 hours, 22 minutes ago
If you think augmented reality isn't going to be a thing, try Word Lens for iPhone right now.
ethan 13 hours, 5 minutes ago
I got a 1959 quarter today. Realized it was unique when it made a different noise against the other coins in my hand.
snide 13 hours, 14 minutes ago
Om nom nom. Eating @erinfizz cookies in the engineering bay. Right next to the Jefferies tubes.
tednyman 2 days, 11 hours ago
just had some fantastic pudding and now rolling through this work. pudding gives you power.
Rorie 2 days, 12 hours ago
It's easily better than RED, Alice in Wonderland (a comedy? really?), Burlesque, or The Tourist.
Lemon 2 days, 12 hours ago
Amazon don't fail me now! #amazonprimemember
AHR 2 days, 13 hours ago
I just filled in the Screened page for From Prada To Nada, aka the most important work of chicano filmmaking ever: