A friendly reminder from Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura:

This image of Final Fantasy XIII's Lighting is from the "Original Illustration Plate" that was shipped out as a Christmas gift to "Ultimate Members" in the Square Enix Members rewards program (posted at this Twitter feed). "She must not be forgotten," reads the message next to Lightning's artwork.

Forgetting Lighting will be difficult considering that she's appearing in Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy early next year.






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  • The drawing looks absolutely gorgeous and it seems different at the same time.

  • Wow, that's nice. I sure wish I had that on my shelf instead of the game...

  • Already forgotten. Moving on to Noctis.

  • It'll be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

    And lol @ Relysis.

  • I love lightning and will never forget her.

  • I wouldn't want that...

  • Sorry Nomura. Great work but she's forgettable. So is the rest of the cast. You can blame Toriyama for this too.

  • The Lightning design is decent, but Nomura Co. tried a bit too hard to push her into our consciousness, and is still doing so..

    Long live YUFFIE! ^^

  • Lightning's hardly a forgettable character. Sadly, this drawing is. Not impressed, Nomura.

  • i love lightning's design :D

    kinda reminds me of Yuna with a combination of Tifa and Cloud.

    sucks people hate her, but her design here is awesome not to mention she weild a gunblade like weapon :)

  • I love her design, too. She was one of my favorite characters in Final Fantasy XIII.

  • How can I forget the only redeeming feature of that sorry excuse for a game?

  • Needs more Fang.

  • Final Fantasy XIII's who?

  • LMAO now that just looks like a cry of desperation.

  • She almost looks like a tranny xD Something's wrong with her lips.. :(

  • Yep, Lightning must not be forgotten. Say what you want about the game, it's one of my favorite games in this generation.