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The Abertzale Left about ETA’s announce to cease armed activities
ETA's announcement of a unilateral decision to cease armed activities is very important to move towards a framework of peace and democratic solutions in Euskal Herria.

This statement is made in the context of the significant events occurred in recent months: "Zutik Euskal Herria" resolution by the Abertzale Left; “LORTU ARTE” Strategic agreement between Eusko Alkartasuna, and the Abertzale Left; implementation of a social movement for civil and political rights; Aberri Eguna, Basque national day and subsequent development of a pluralistic social space for independence; the general strike by abertzale trade-unions for social change ... all those events are references that convey Basque society’s desire for change and structural solutions.

In this background the Abertzale Left made a demand for "constructive feedback" in Iruñea. We understand that this demand has been positively considered by ETA, opening a scenario that allows progress in the stable consolidation of an irreversible democratic process.

Therefore, the Abertzale Left does not seek to say what is enough or lacks in this decision, but we recognise its value for advancing on the consolidation of a scenario of non-violence and both political and democratic normalisation as a prelude to a process of dialogue and negotiation. That's unquestionable.

For the Abertzale Left, then, this cessation of armed activity of ETA is in the proper orientation marked by the Brussels Declaration, as a reference to open a dialogue and negotiation process in stable and verifiable conditions of non-violence and restoring of basic democratic conditions.

Therefore, this ETA’s decision does not circumvent the call carried of the international community to all parties, including ETA and the Spanish government. On the contrary, this decision reinforces its requirements and contents. In this sense, the Abertzale Left will continue to work with political and social agents and trade unions for a framework of multilateral goodwill and consensus on the basic conditions for a democratic process.

Regarding the reactions to the announcement of ETA’s decision, we want to highlight the good reception of many Basque political parties, trade unions and social agents, who have emphasized the importance of the decision of ETA, and the significant international echo that the publication of the declaration has had.

On the other hand, the reactions that deny its value, disqualify it or intend to distort it, follow the inertia of political strategies that are comfortable on the stage of confrontation and blockade, those reactions are an exercise of irresponsibility opposed to the desires and hopes of the vast majority of Basque society. The whole Basque society has welcomed this decision hopefully and waits constructive contributions of all political and social agents and union-trades.

The Abertzale Left, consistent with its sovereign decisions, will continue to develop initiatives and encourage its commitment to make irreversible the important steps that are taking place in Basque society towards a new political phase.

The Abertzale Left considers that we are opening the doors of a new political phase and will not relent in its efforts to achieve it. We have the determination and confidence to carry this process to the end.

No one nor nothing will mislead us from the path leading to the stage of change and policy solutions in Euskal Herria.

Therefore, the Abertzale Left encourages its social base to implement their work effort, struggle and organization to positively promote the democratic process and the open opportunity. The demonstration on Saturday in Bilbo called by Adierazi EH should be a reflection of the massive bet, of the Abertzale Left and the whole Basque society, for the new political era.

In parallel we encourage social and economic sectors to be active in the consolidation of this new situation. It is, and will be, the best political and economical investment for all citizens of EH.

In that sense, Basque society’s mobilization and determination must be genuine guarantor and protector of a democratic process that needs the unavoidable contribution of governments, politicians and international community.

For the Abertzale Left a democratic process has to settle into a scene of non-violence with guarantees of reciprocal strains and restoration of basic civil and political rights. ETA's decision is a unilateral contribution in that direction.

Finally, we appeal again all political and social agents and trade-unions, the Governments of Madrid and Paris and the international community, to the co-responsibility of responding constructively to this new situation.

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